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    Patch 1.0.7 - February 21, 2019

    Glad to see a few fixes especially one for joining a multiplayer game I remember joining a game and getting stuck inside the starting/menu rocket for a few seconds. Not sure if its because my wifi is bad and going online is not recommended; the fact that he was streaming; or a combination of the two but something happened and had me in space for awhile/ also I encountered a glitch or bug where 2 wind turbines and a solar panel on a large rover would produce a infinite power like visual glitch at the moment I'm not sure if any extra power comes out of it but it does happen randomly when the wind is at full power
  2. Anthony Matyjasik

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Next time make sure "all" of your vehicle bays are clear ofcourse I only use one to build my vehicles and move it when I fly but it helps when you're on a two way trip also use a beacon if you're going to use a field as a landing pad so you don't lose a shuttle
  3. Anthony Matyjasik

    Mineral Extractor

    I hate this new bug it slows down mining massively especially when you are trying copy or as i should say clone rare minerals
  4. Anthony Matyjasik

    Travel trip

    If you fly to the radiated planet before your destination, your guaranteed to not only save fuel but get there faster than going to another planet, because of the small orbit the radiated planet has
  5. Anthony Matyjasik

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Every time I get out of a truck or rover it sinks it's front wheels into the ground and the vehicle doing this contains 1 truck with a seat, solar panels, a storage unit with 2 large batterys, and 3 rovers with storage units attacked. This set-up is great for long distance research and resource recovery so id appreciate it if I can keep it on the surface of the planet oh also I have a fourth rover with a seat and solar panel incase I need to reverse the thing
  6. Anthony Matyjasik

    Ideas about the land vehicles

    I'd like there to be some type of hydrazine tank you can add onto the truck or rover, I leave my ships away from the base so it is harder to actually land on something.