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  1. Under automation there should also be additions of both a conveyor system and a railway. This seems to be on the devs minds given this Twitter post but I want to give my two cents: Conveyor System The conveyor system would be for local transportation around the base. Eventually, the base starts to get really big and you need to drag around storage modules in order to transport more than the backpack can carry. The conveyor system would be a system of pipes connecting the various parts of the base. These pipes would pump platform outputs to whatever they are connected to as inputs. That, or there would be carts along the conveyor which have a 2x inventory slots which transfer items to and fro. Example: The pipe connecting the smelter and printer would transport any smelted metals over to the printer to be used to craft new items. Railway The railway is a longer transportation used to connect bases together or a base to a mine system. The railway is composed of track, a train and a cargo wagon. The train would have two 2x inventory slots: allowing a seat for the player and a power provider. The cargo wagons would have 4 2x inventory slots to place research pods, storage, batteries, solar panels, etc. The railway could span long distances and provide fast transportation for lots of items: great for moving items from a mine back to base or between bases
  2. seejay3210

    More Automation

    This is a necessary addition which will make exploration more rewarding. The devs have already thought of a minecart system that you can see on their Twitter post below. Having this minecart system attached to pipes is a nice way for them to feed printers, smelters, etc. directly. This could be viewed as a sort of train system. Maybe there could be both a conveyor and a railway system. The conveyor would provide local transportation via the tubes connected directly into the crafting tools and then pump the results of those processes into a massive storage area. The railway would provide longer transportation via carts which have their own internal storage (maybe two two-by slots so you can place two research pods or two storage containers or any combination thereof) that travel along a rail from a mine to the main base
  3. seejay3210

    Mine cart system/ Research storage

    Yes, minecarts would be a great way to make exploration more rewarding. The module system you described fits into the them of the game perfectly. The devs have already thought about this idea and you can see their initial design on an old Twitter post by them:
  4. seejay3210

    Tether Reel

    This would fit well onto the extra item slot at the top of the backpack (where solar panels/wind turbines go). Great idea!
  5. seejay3210

    Two Ideas to Nerf Hydrazine Trade

    This is one of the best ideas to balance the Hydrazine I have seen! This makes it much more costly to make Hydrazine and gives weight to it. As it stands, it is possible to farm Hydrazine because it costs pure energy; it is essentially free when you add a few solar panels and a battery to your base. Making it cost titanium to create a container makes it less likely to enable this infinite Hydrazine farming.
  6. I understand that this game is going for a minimalist GUI but there should be an easier way to view and record the process of things such as research. Currently in my game, I am running all over the planet (and other planets) in order to find research pods, most of which just give me resources I already have. It would be great if there was an in game guide that gave you information about which resource pods give which research items and how far you are through the research tree. Call it Astroneer's Guide To The Galaxy! The book could be opened by the 'B' key and would have a few parts: Ores Give information about what ore smelt into what resource Give a description of where that ore can be found Display what items can be created using a particular resource. Have the reverse of this as well Flora and Fauna (not pertinent yet as there are not many in game yet) Give information on the local plants and animals Research Show which research pods produce which research rewards Show the players current research path so they know how to proceed Visited Planets Give a fun description of all of the planets which a player has visited Statistics A natural place to add in game statistics, such as: Time played Ores mined Furthest distance traveled Planets visited Longest time not attached to oxygen Deaths Etc. What do you think? Add your thoughts below! This would be a great way to add more in-game information in a way that fits the minimalist feel of the game.
  7. seejay3210

    Games saves and chat

    Using a radio would be really cool! That way, when you get closer to a person their voice becomes stronger. And if you go too far from them their voice disappears entirely. There could be static in the transmission and it would be just like a radio where only one person can talk on the line at a time by pressing the button. A heavily unique feature that would add to the character of this game!
  8. seejay3210

    Portable Oxygen Generator

    True. But this could be used as a more permanent structure that provides oxygen. As long as you fee it power it would store and output oxygen with the possibility to add tethers to it to extend your range. Think of the oxygen generator as a portable oxygen in the way that the rover acts as a portable oxygen supply.
  9. seejay3210

    Games saves and chat

    This is perfect and fits in with the feel of the rest of the game. It is non-invasive and does not use a HUD and it is also friendly, like the dances that you can do using the number keys. This is a necessary addition. Maybe before getting out of the pod when you reach a new planet the game asks you to name the planet. That or when loading a save for the first time it asks you to name the save (so it is less intrusive than asking in game). Either way, there should be an editable way in the main menu to change the name of a save and delete old saves.
  10. seejay3210

    Possible Infinite Resource fix

    Also, this idea is being talked about in another thread. Check out the conversation there.
  11. seejay3210

    Non-Human Astronauts

    The whole idea of different hit boxes/height adjustments for the different species is a bit far fetched at this point... However customizing the character like this is a great idea! Customizing the character in an ascetic sense should be implemented with things such as color, height and suit parts but also leg types (biological or bionic), arm types, helmet types (maybe one possible head is an alien that doesn't wear a helmet. Ascetic changes seem more feasible now with gameplay changes coming further down the line.
  12. seejay3210

    Delivery Carts!

    This is a great idea! It could even be simplified to making a new car type (the cart) and allowing it to be hooked up to the existing rover or truck. The vehicles already have that hitch at the front and end which makes me think that something like this is coming in the future. In any case, there needs to some sort of movable car (whether by attaching it to a rover/truck or putting it on a rail system) that allows the easy transportation of many items at a time.
  13. seejay3210

    Possible Infinite Resource fix

    This is a necessary change. As soon as I had both the Trade Station and the Hydrazine creater I was getting resources for free due to the large battery and solar panel on the base. Basically, they were free resources Hydrazine should not be a tradable resource. I like the idea of the tax and it is a good way to still use Hydrazine without having it be tradable. It keeps the trade station as a later game item but does not turn the game into creative mode after that.
  14. There should be a portable oxygen generator that either exists on the backpack or can be placed in the world. It would consume either organics/coal/power-pellets and store oxygen within it. Then, when near it the player would tether to the oxygen generator in order to get a stream of oxygen. This would be useful when going down into the caves for a mining operation. The player may run out of tethers but could simply take out this oxygen generator and place it next to them while mining. Then, they could pick it up and move it to the next mining area. This would be useful for providing the player a constant oxygen supply that trades fuel for oxygen while in the caves.
  15. [Existing] Gravity Index Already, the gravity in Astroneer changes with your proximity to the planet's core based on a simple physics equation. The further away from the core of a planet the more "floaty" the character becomes when jumping or falling. This is a great way for making each planet feel unique and make a subtly difference when drilling down into a planet. There should be more features like this; such as Variable Oxygen levels on a planet! [Idea] Oxygen Index Variable Oxygen levels means that on different planets there is a different level of oxygen richness in the atmosphere (e.g. on planet X the oxygen richness is 20% more than on planet Y and therefore the character consumes oxygen 20% slower on planet X). Assuming that there is some atmosphere on the planet, there might be some oxygen that lets the backpacks oxygen level decrease more slowly. Having different oxygen richness on different planets will make each planet feel distinct and unique. Furthermore, it can be used as a slider when the developers implement customization in the planet options. Having a less oxygen rich planet means you can't go as far from your supply line before suffocating which would add a nice challenge. Furthermore, the oxygen richness could change within a planet much like the gravity. The biggest reason for a change would be going underground. When above ground it makes sense that there is some breathable atmosphere which would let you use oxygen efficiently. However, when going underground maybe there is not as much oxygen to breath because of the other toxic gases found deep below. Oxygen would be consumed more quickly according to some multiplier that changes based on your location in a cave. This oxygen factor could be viewable via the backpack and some resource monitor. [Idea] Environment Monitor The UI is very clean and that is a nice thing. Adding extraneous elements that are not on the Astroneer would break that immersion. But it would not be far fetched to think that the Astroneer is carrying some sort of watch or resource monitor on them. Pressing 'F' could bring up the resource watch which would act as a little heads-up display. One it, you would view the time, the compass, a GPS showing the way home, the gravity index and the oxygen index. This environment monitor would pop up to the screen much like the backpack does and provide a clean, HUD-free way, to display some important information to the play. Maybe it could even have inventory slots where you slowly build or find these resource monitoring tools. Where each monitor has to be build and then added to this watch like object. When the watch is opened there is a quick view for all of the slots but hovering over any slot gives a more in depth view to the monitoring of that resource. I hope this idea makes sense and I am curious to see where you all take the idea. I have attached a simple image of my vision for the resource/environment monitor. Add your ideas below!