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    Ideas for Astroneer: Planets, Oceans, Aliens, and PVP

    Yeah, I can see why they wouldn't add PVP. But I don't think the "PVP" would really be actual big battles or skill based combat. It would be more like just swinging a sword back and forth trying to hit them first. I honestly would prefer more options to explore different things than combat anyways, but having the combat would be a nice little touch, just so you can screw around with your friends.
  2. razorback0305

    Customizable houses/aesthetic building

    I think this is a great idea and would love to see all this in the game.
  3. Dear, System Era I have a few ideas that I believe would make Astroneer much more fun. Here are those ideas: First off, I believe that some planets should have water. By that I mean there should be a couple of rivers or oceans. The physics do not have to be anything special or "beautiful." The way this could improve the game is that it would give more life to the planets as well as giving access to more new things to explore. If you were to make it to where you could go under water, for oxygen wise, just make it where you use the oxygen in your suit. However, do not make it where you can go too deep, before starting to die, this reason will be in my next idea. Also, the underwater area can be as simple as can be, just as long as it exists and has some resources. Secondly, add boats, submarines, and planes. These vehichles are not really needed, but they would be cool to have. I can see as to why the planes would be hard to make or get the physics to work, and since you can go into space, planes are not really something that seems like the game would need, but it would be a fun addition. However, the boats and submarines would be a great adittion. The boats do not need to be anything complicated, just a simple sail boat would be nice. The submarine also doesn't need to be anything complicated, just a 1-2 seater that can hold a couple of things as well as fit storage on it. Going down in the sub would allow you to go deeper, and once you pass the depth where you would normally die, you can get out and swim around for a period of time so you can collect resources. This addition would allow more access to resources, being able to explore the world in a different way, and being able to explore the underwater depths. Thirdly, being able to dig through the planet and either reaching the core or just falling into the mantle would be great features. It would also be amazing if you could dig until you either hit the core(depending on your angle) or come out the other side of the planet. How going through the planet would work would be when you reach the other side and come out the other side the game flips you around right-side up. I'm not sure how you would do this, you could make it where there's a system where if the game realizes your falling towards space(not jumping but falling) it will flips you around after about 2-5 seconds. However, it is understandable if you do not do this due to it being buggy or glitchy. Aliens would be an amazing addition. We do have the plants that can kill you, but it would be much appreciated if aliens were added(which I sorta think you were already planning to). Though it would be nice, the aliens don't have to be extremely diverse and with designs that are extremely complicated or never seen before. As long as they're somewhat unique and some of them are hostile. Being able to tame one would be nice as well. This would give the planets more life to it, as well as giving you more to do. Making some of the aliens difficult as well as making some drop resources would be nice. Weapons would be nice as well. Maybe a couple of laser guns and light saber esc swords would be just fine. Using these weapons, you can combat the aliens, as well as fight friends in PVP. This would give you more stuff to do and stuff to screw around with. A nice selection of weapons such as automatic laser guns, sniper rifle laser guns, laser pistols, and light saber esc swords would be a lot of fun. Finally, PVP would be a great addition. To stop trolling just have a way to switch from PVP to a "passive" mode where no one can hurt you, but you can't hurt them. Think about how fun it would be if you could have a fight with a friend with a stadium you created by molding the terrain or sailing on your boats while trying to shoot them. The combat system does not need to be anything flashy. It could be done in a way where you lock on like in "For Honor"(and no I do not mean like the Art of Battle fighting system) when you have a sword, but click a block button(but make it where you have to time it, not just hold it down) or attack button, or it could be just you running at them swinging frantically by hitting the attack button over and over. For the guns, keeping it in third person when you aim, if aiming is added, would be nice(except for snipers, being able to switch in and out of first-person or third while aiming). All of this would allow you to interact with your friends, hold little competitions, and have much more fun in general. Though I do not expect the creators of this game to be able to make all this possible, I personally believe it would make great additions. I honestly don't expect planes to ever be a thing. Oceans and rivers(along with boats and submarines) probably won't ever come either. However, I do believe that these things could give the game more life, things to do, things to explore, and fun to have. Aliens, as well as weapons and PVP would definitely be amazing features in this game. I also do believe that addition of oceans, rivers, boats, and submarines would be great and give much more life to the planets and things to explore in the game. Also, I would like to point out that the character model for the player's hands are extremely flat. What I mean by this is that they are exactly as if they were paper. I have not checked the other characters and my friends did not have the same problem, so it might just be my characters or me only. The character I was using was the one where he had an all white suit, with the tubes connecting the torso to the helmet, and a blue stripe on the helmet. Sincerely, Daniel a.k.a., razorback0305 P.S. I tried adding pictures but it bugged out a bit(probably cause I'm doing this on iPad). It didn't actually glitch out I just was messing it up so I kinda gave up earlier since I'm a little tired when finishing this off. So... sorry this post looks kinda bland.