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  1. TumTum

    Are Easter Eggs Supposed To Be Rare?

    Yup Im an idiot, it's a winch.. never used the winch before lol. Thanks peeps
  2. TumTum

    Are Easter Eggs Supposed To Be Rare?

    I noticed that too, after the latest patch I've actually been finding a lot of the easter eggs. I found the zebra and checkered balls in caves relatively close to each other. Found 2 thrusters in the same cave and the grappling hook thing (never seen it before now) not to far from them.
  3. TumTum

    Food and Water

    For me I imagine the tethers provide most of what the astroneer needs oxygen, power, energy, nutrition, hydration. I don't know if that's at all what they're going for but that's how I picture it. That said I like that we don't have to micro manage that stuff and the gameplay stays productive, however when it comes to taking damage there's not much risk just walk away, regen, come back. If health regeneration was much slower there could be room for items like medkits or stimpacks crafted from flora to help speed it up. Medkits and or stimpacks just seem to better fit the astroneer universe then food and water.
  4. TumTum

    Frame rate Xbox one

    I've noticed this too on xbox, when me and my friends play, the host has a huge drop in frame rate while everyone else enjoys perfectly smooth gameplay...
  5. I'm hoping they plan on adding more emotes eventually to the game so to compensate on console a selection wheel would be useful. Maybe holding left/right/up on the d-pad could bring up a emote wheel, this would free up the other 2 d-pad arrows for other quick actions/hot keys that console needs.
  6. TumTum

    Customizable houses/aesthetic building

    I 100% agree with this entire post lol. Dyes especially would give that small personal touch the bases need.
  7. Upgradeable Habitat After building up my bases I noticed there's still no where for my lil buddy to call home.. Upgradeable habitats with interiors could provide a more personal touch to bases and tie into the idea of multiplayer servers. Also the habitat itself could provide something like a mapping table to plan out new travels and excavations. Maps I would really like to see some kind of mapping system in the game. The game is very futuristic but we're stuck with a wonky compass system atm.. Maybe a map system that reveals area you've been to or vantage points in-game that unlock more map. This would tie in perfectly with the mapping table idea. Even further into this concept, a weather tracking station could be used in line with maps to track storms and what not. Storage Lock Specifically console, being able to lock and unlock storage into stations and vehicles. I find myself constantly picking up the whole storage when trying to just pick one thing off. Not an important feature but much appreciated one. - TumTumHero