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    Unable to craft from backpack

    You need to recharge the backpack. Put organic on the generator. Remember printing and using augments will drain the battery on the backpack. You first have to craft the generator then charge the backpack, craft a canister and the rest of the things will unlock to be crafted. If you're not always sure with things try reading the patch notes for the new updates.. ?
  2. Summary Large rover falling through the ground on save load in. Astroneer clipping into ground while walking. Description To make a long story short. I made a new base on the other side of Terra, and I am in the process of making an elaborate network of mining tunnels. And it seems the more you do these things and you load back in from the last save, it takes a while for things around you to load in. And my last save from yesterday was in my large rover on a ramp I made going under ground, and when I load up today it just feel straight down with me still in the seat. I know people have had this happen before but its seems to get worse the more terrain you add or remove from the world. Plus with this new update I have been experiencing a lot of clipping into the ground with the Astroneer. It happens when I am walking while using the terrian tool in various ways. It doesn't kill me but I will be about waist high into the ground. Also every time you travel somewhere other then you original home base in shuttle. When you exit it pops you out in the air above the shuttle or out the side of the shuttle. This is a good way to fall to your death if the landing zone was on the side of a chasm or like on Exotic I landed 10 ft from the edge of the upper ground and the game had to maifest a clump of ground to land on, then popped out the side when exiting and feel to my death. This type of exiting is happening to me at my new base on Terra, when i exit my habitat or rover. The only place it doesn't do this is your original base you start at. And now off to save my large rover! Well try to lol Xbox One 215
  3. Brian Crivella

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    After playing the new update on Xbox One for a good week. I think it is great. I do have a few new sound issues with dynamite after the update, sometimes the count down beeps do not play, and there is never an explosion sound when it goes off. Soil Soil as a resource is a grand idea, however it may need nerfed a tad. Seeing it took a dozen or so chests to find medium storage you can quickly have a mountain of resources laying around. One thing that could may be done is for titanium and lithium, maybe have it where you can only use soil from other planets like Arid. And have it where different soil types yield different amounts of resources, like the snow on the peaks of mountains will only yield ammonium. Hydrazine Catalyzer This is a great way to make fuel, only thing it needs is. When the canisters are full they should drop down to the side. Oh and the ding when its done, that is awesome. Research This could use some more tweaking, it gets a little boring when the first 20 chests pretty much are blueprints. If you get to one of the massive caverns under ground within an hour or so you already have most of the things you need. Maybe spread out the unlocks more, like every 5th chest is a blueprint, or limit the number of chests on any given world. Hopefully in the future you would only get specific items on certain planets. Forcing you to explore further because with the way things are now you really do not have to leave Terra if you don't want to. The large Rover works fairly well now and seems more stable, I don't bounce around like a beach ball on a windy day from hitting a small bump lol. Only thing it could use is to have a break. Don't know how many times I drove up the wall in my base because it wouldn't stop. Performance seems to have improved greatly, l do not get as much lag on the Xbox as before. The only real time it gets bad is when there is a sandstorm around or over top of you, even when under ground. But that's understandable. Only major performance problem would have to be the physics range can get buggy some days where things don't load in and have had times when running the game would stop the Astroneer dead in its tracks. The same thing will happen when driving a rover as well. Another thing is how the tethers deploy when you are walking while using the deform tool at the same time, they have a tendency to deploy off the ground at an angle in the air at backpack height. And have had a few instances were I got stuck on the tether and had to put the deform tool away and pick up the tether. All in all this was a fantastic update and I like the progression the game is taking. Keep up the amazing work, and look forward to what the future brings. ??
  4. Brian Crivella

    Missing backpack craft UI

    If you crafted the small gen you need to use that to recharge your backpack. Printing from the backpack uses power and using augments as well.
  5. Brian Crivella

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    I haven't really played to long on this new update, But I'm looking forward to the changes. Always felt things were a little to easy and not challenging enough. Its going to take some getting used to the changes, but it will be fun at the same time. Liking the tutorial to start things out by the way. (Well after a mini freak out seeing only a small generator in the backpack at first) Great job with this update, keep up the great work ?? Oh and I would like to add. Seeing you're diligently working on Terrian2.0.. I would love to see more diversity in landing zones when entering into a new game, like maybe on the side or top of a mountain or in a deep chasm, or getting to choose the landing area would be great. ?
  6. Brian Crivella

    Game saves on Xbox one gone..

    Summary: 201/Xbox One/ Game saves gone. Description: Since this last update I have had to start over several times because of the game saves disappearing. After the first 2 I figured it had something to do with the fact that half the time when you exit to the main menu the game would hard crash. But after the 4th save disappeared I started to pay attention to the size of the save file, with this I have notice that once the size exceeds 3MB and you exit the game to quit, then check the game file size, it is reset back to 14.9KB every time. Then you start up the game and the save is no longer there. Hard crashes where not the cause of this seeing the last 3 did not suffer a hard crash upon exiting the game. Not sure if this is a coincidence, or just something with my Xbox. I don't have this issue with any other games, and I have more then half my internal space left on the Xbox. Not sure if anyone else on Xbox has been having this issue I have only seen one other mention of this on Xbox that I could find. Platform: Xbox One S Version: 201
  7. Brian Crivella

    Gas bags have no sound

    Hot Fix 200 Xbox One. Gas bags have no sound Started a new save after the update and I noticed that when you get near a gas bag plant they make no sound at all, not even when you destroy them. This is a pain in the neck when you don't even know they are there if you do not see them 1st. Also after putting a few hours total on a new save I noticed that all of a sundden when you dig up the chest under the gas bags they do not act like the others, I had one float up real fast the second it was released from the ground. They will not drop if you are carrying them they just float in the air when you let them go. This just started today when I loaded up today (I think?) don't think this happen yesterday, all other chest act normal so far.
  8. Brian Crivella

    Death using inhibitor

    Xbox One Hot fix 197 I had a strange bug today using the inhibitor mod while walking clearing plants and rocks. This happened 2 times in less then a min. Not sure if was because I was moving while using it, after it happened twice I kept using it but remained stationary and it didn't happen. Included a clip of the 2nd death showing I clipped into the ground and as soon as I hit X to put the terrian tool away I died. 8-1-2017_12-37-25_PM.mp4
  9. 196 Xbox One I have less then 8 hours in total on a new save since the new update. And the performance has dropped severely after a few game crashes. All of these crashes occurred while I was out exploring driving my large rover on the surface of terra. Today when I loaded in the save to start back up from when it crashed, it took forever to get back to my base because while driving my rover it came to a dead stop dozens of times, these have gotten worse along with the lag since the game crash yesterday. It kinda makes it not worth the effort to drive a rover plus the rover acts weird ever since I had my joy ride in a sandstorm being blown across the surface like a leaf in the wind?, it acts like it has no gravity at times. Do not know if this helps, but I have included a game clip of the rover coming to a dead stop. 7-25-2017_8-35-20_AM.mp4
  10. Brian Crivella

    Sandstorm joy ride

    196 Xbox One Not sure if this is intended, but i just had a fun joy ride inside a sandstorm while in my large rover. (I included a 30sec clip of it) I was 20 ft away from my base when it hit and it was like I weighed nothing as I blew me across the surface of terra hit some space junk and started to tumble. Plus it will do the same if you are deep underground in one of the massive caverns too. Second thing is, the white line that was below any beacon (including the home base one) does not show up. This is a problem when you have the clouds above the base and the home beacon is covered up by them, got lost for an hour yesterday because of it and I wasn't that far, I just didn't see it because of the clouds. Including screenshots Also the performance has dropped severely after the game crashed on me yesterday while I was out exploring in my large rover. Load in of objects take up to several seconds sometimes and the rover comes to a dead stop till it loads in. And walking around large clusters of objects makes it worse. Plus when moving the camera around to look lags pretty bad now too. Just a few things I am currently experiencing, still love the game though ? 7-24-2017_1-17-34_PM.mp4
  11. Brian Crivella

    Xbox One List of Bugs

    Having the same issues with performance on Xbox on a new save. It seems to happens a lot around clusters of objects like those tall tree type plants on the surface, it happens when driving or walking doesn't matter. Another one for the list would be when you have a storage unit on the side of a smelter the objects being created are placed upside down. Same with the music but I know that's listed in the Patch Notes as a known issue along with the nodes going off in different directions.
  12. Brian Crivella

    "Patch 182" - May 26, 2017

    I started a new game after the 182 patch and only have the medium rover and it acts funny when pull other rovers the same size especially coming down a ramp. The front end will lift up like its doing a wheelie and I lost all control on my Xbox controller, not sure if my controller had a brainfart or if it was the game itself had to remove the batteries and put them back in to fix it. Plus I can confirm as well with the rover floating off when you walk away and it doesn't need to be very far. Mine lifted more then a foot as the screenshot shows. Even when you have chest on it.
  13. Brian Crivella

    "Patch 182" - May 26, 2017

    Use OneDrive app on your Xbox then you can downloaded the app to on your phone from your app store. Then log in with your Xbox or Microsoft account and it should be linked to what you upload to the OneDrive app on the Xbox from your game DVR, there is a separate folder in the app on my phone that has all my Xbox captures and screenshots. Not sure if the app is on Apple devices I have Android.
  14. 158 Xbox One S Underground base has no floor when loading in the save. So I made an underground base this time with a glass smooth floor and every time I save in my habitat on the surface when exiting the game, and when i load back up and go to my base underground half the floor will be gone and I can see deep into the planet, only way to fix it is to go far away and come back sometimes. Plus I have lost a lot of stuff that I had in a pile before I finely unlocked the small storage. Found a few things underground floating in a cavern the next time I loaded up. And I left my rover next to where it happens when I last saved before I quit and well the screenshots speak of what I'm dealing with. Kinda funny actually.. Plus I have been having chest that I had attached to my Rover float off when I walked away to get another, I know the floating stuff is known but wanted share a screenshot of it think only happens with the rover.
  15. Brian Crivella

    Drill not working

    Have the same issue on Xbox One. On a fresh game with the 158 patch too. I think on 154 they changed it so you didn't need the drill head to gather titanium or lithium, but they must have changed it back and you can't use the drill head because of this bug..??