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  1. Summary: I fell through the world when I place matter below me - Steam - 0.2.10125.0 Description: The first time I had built terrain directly where I am standing, I will fall through the terrain and usually into any caves that are below me. However, for some odd reason, I cannot replicate this glitch. It may have to do with the angle, depth, etc. I am not sure, but I thought that it would be best if I reported it. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Pre Alpha Build: 0.1.10125.0 Specifications: OS: Windows 10, 64-bit CPU: GPU: Pitcarin RAM: 6 GB Drive:
  2. Nyxisanalia

    Moving Unit Modules

    Hello, I would like to suggest that you add the ability to move unit modules (or even just slide them a small ways to the right or left). I have an expanded generator module that's literally *right on top* of my vehicle builder module, and it's a real pain trying to get my resources into the vehicle builder. I figured that this would be a worthwhile suggestion.