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    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    As a pre-gamer (I do not own the game yet, but I will definitely buy the full version on its release) I would like to say that this game looks and sounds truly amazing. My brother is all about shooting and violence, and I like the building and exploring genre, and this game has got the future aeronautical engineer in me hooked. Now, I would like to make some suggestions (which may or may not have been already added/suggested: - Bug fixes/performance improvements (which of course is an obvious that will happen) - Weather, Meteor Showers, Asteroids that might force you to abandon your planet, potentially losing all of your work - A multitude of planets and variations of planets. For example (gas planets (lrg, med, sm), Rocky planets (habitable, uninhabitable), Ice planets/water worlds). Pretty much just look to some of the most fascinating planets and moons in our universe and create variations of them. - Also incorporate gravity as a feature, like if you're on a small planet you can jump higher, run faster. - Create planets with breathable atmospheres, so you can walk around in them with an extended oxygen supply - Add food, water, etc. - Make gas giants that have many moons orbiting them and you can hop across the moons to collect resources - Add a "Just Play" mode (like it is right now where you don't have any story or anything) and also make starting packs, for example you're an engineer who came to the planet to study building frontier outposts for future missions or something, and each starter pack has its own unique items/abilities beyond the basic tools you get in the "Just Play" mode. - GET CREATIVE!! There's literally a universe of possibilities to make this game, and I enjoy the fact that there is no story. Maybe you could add story options, where there could be sentient extra-terrestrials and they observe you or whatever and you might need to be careful to not aggravate them/their civilization. Maybe also create some variation between them where there can be alien civilizations that are super advanced that you are literally an ant to them, and also civilizations that have just invented the wheel and almost immortalize you. Of course, all of this stuff doesn't have to be in the game when the full version releases and can come in DLC's and future updates. I can't wait for the full version to hit Steam.
  2. I personally do not have the game, and from the reviews, I do not plan on purchasing it until it exits the Pre-Alpha phase. But, from what I've read, I can tell that the game is lacking in features. If this game is meant to be an adventure game, I'd say make it add a ton of features. Make some planets that are huge, and have moons. Make gas planets that you can't land in but you can explore. I would say add planets that have advanced life forms (if it doesn't exist already). All of these are options, and from a future buyer perspective, and not a current player, I am just giving my opinion on what I would want from an adventure game. Also, add more interesting extensions to your base. For example, livable domes that can extend into many different things (again, I don't know if this is an option, but from the YouTube videos I've seen it seems as if you spend your time inside the little pod you landed in. I think I'm taking more of "The Martian" approach, where they have the Hab where they live. Maybe you could choose a type of character, and what your purpose was to come to the planet (ex. Mark Watney was a botanist, you could be studying alien life forms, or just trying to collect materials to make money). Again, this is a nonplayers opinion, so by no means take my word like I have experience in the game. I have high hopes for this game, and I also hope it can exceed my expectations.
  3. Matteo Tonelli

    Astroneer for Mac

    Hello, as an Apple user I am very interested in this game, and would absolutely love to purchase it once it is out of its pre-alpha stage. Will it be available for iMac/other apple products?