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  1. Plz add some kind of mech which can be built at the vehicle bay. It could be used for mining/capturing animals (when they are added). It would also be cool if it had some sort of jetpack which used hydrazine to fly but could only fly short distances. It would only have four storage slots and one base connector on the rear. It could be used to pull rovers though but it would have a major effect on the speed.

  2. @YorKarma 's idea on unmanned transports which navigate by beacon would be awesome. But to build on it, you should have to research the transport. For the transport to operate it needs a transport "dock" and a sort of road which has to guide the transport clear of the base. Obviously, you need to walk along the transports route and select the correct beacons.

  3. 17 minutes ago, Lithium said:

    Dude, how did you manage to post the same post three times in a row.

    In the other note I think you missed the concept of dropship, It's already an existing object (which is the one that you begin your game with)

    First, Did I??? I really posted it three times in a row???

    OK, perhaps it should be a heavy transport ship instead.

  4. A drop ship could be a pretty cool feature. The way I think it could work is that the dropship would primarily stay in orbit and could be reached by a shuttle/spaceship. It could come down to the planet but would take a lot of fuel to get back to orbit. It would have two vehicle attachment points and a ramp which would close before launch. It would be flown in the same way as other spacecraft but could fiction as a pretty basic base as well. You could also store a LOT of resources in it for transport between planets.

  5. Platform(s):Steam 
    Location: Uk
    Microphone: Yes but prefer to not use
    Looking for: 2-3 others
    Can play from: 5-7pm Sat+Sun 2-4pm Fri Uk time Fri give or take depending on school bus times.                                                        Can host: No
    Comment:Looking for people who want to have fun colonising everything and happy to play with someone who will not mind playing with someone on a laggy computer.  

    Username: HamnavoePer (steam+discord)