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  1. Summary: 0.6.2 - Steam - Truck w/ Crane Camera keeps snapping under terrain Description: When entering one particular truck the camera snaps underneath the truck. Zooming out and re-positioning doesn't fix. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.6.2 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1709| Build 16299.248 CPU: Intel i7 6820HQ 2.70GHz GPU: AMD FirePro W7170M RAM: 2x4GB DDR3 2133MHz Drive: Samsung 850 Evo 500GB Video Below:
  2. Sorry I made a suggestion post before I can move it here although it kinda refers to the past few updates making hard to get to the new content. But the research catalog tool is a bit cumbersome in my eyes. I really like it as a tool we use to decide what to research, which is awesome!, but the organization of the things to research and navigating the menu is really awkward. I found myself hitting arrow keys and WASD like crazy trying to get around that thing. Oh and the power requirements for researching is crazy. I think we need to start with that terrain tool that lets you suck up organic without disturbing the ground, and have some way to load up a bunch of organic into the small generator. That attachment should also not eat our backpack battery. Nothing more frustrating that babysitting a generator to research tethers so I can walk away from base and then come back to keep feeding it so I can research something else. Also I'm used to pressing Q once to bring up the backpack, then again to dismiss it, this now brings up the catalog with a final Q press dismissing everything. I never find myself frantically researching something so the additional keystroke is frustrating to me, talk about nit picking... Can't wait for new things to research!
  3. Hello, Sorry if this has been requested already delete it if it has. Astroneer has always been a relaxing game for me, but with the last two or three updates I feel like I'm grinding every other game that ever comes out. I've heard many players report that they look to Astroneer to unwind and I feel like System Era needs to be careful not to loose that audience and to cater to new players that want that experience. I also understand that some users want a technical and difficult game and I don't want that crowd to get alienated. I propose a New Solar System Creation Menu when starting a new world or maybe that you can change on the fly. Just like Minecraft has creative mode for when you feel grinding is getting in the way of fun or creativity. Upon starting a new game or at any time the host could change the difficulty which would make things like O2 and Power go further as well as increase resource spawning. Maybe the menu could even allow you to research things automagically, how many updates am I going to have to struggle to get my base off the ground (literally)? When a new update comes out I just want to play with the new assets or fixes honestly, I've dumped as many hours grinding into this game as I want to, unless I'm having fun with someone cooperatively playing the game from scratch. Just let me grind to make the new toys and have an easy button to get there.
  4. kayshaw86

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Steam Build. Was installing another game that was very hard-drive intensive but I was bored so I turned on Astroneer. As I drove the truck it kept falling through Barren's surface. I have a feeling the hard-drive was so busy it couldn't load in the terrain collision physics so I just fell right through. Happened through multiple game restarts. Fixed issue by driving slowly. Had to be the hard-drive "busyness." Stopped after other game was fully installed.
  5. Yea it would be nice. But they're moving in and had a conference. Trust me I want to continue my two unplayable save files too but I knew what I was funding, not buying.
  6. Overwolf probably would do this by default. Haven't tried.
  7. Yea after making 3 sustainable bases on 3 planets across two save files I'm down to a crawl. Only have 8GB of ram though, so that could be it perhaps, never bothered to check task manager.