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  1. After digging up a ceiling plant, the ones that pull you up towards them, come back after a re-log, sometimes if left not dug up, a few spawn in place of the original for some fun looking screen shots Is this a bug? Or was it intended for them to grow back like the white poke plants of death, although they do have seeds. However, I am not seeing this with the fart pods. I did save and quit, then launch the game multiple times to show this. Also a good Byte exploit! the research samples have a high chance to give a good amount of bytes!
  2. After restarting the game, the problem still persists, but, i dont mind a bug! Makes quite an interesting show.
  3. so i was smelting some malachite and laterite to aluminum and copper and this happened. i would not call it something "normal". the copper did not properly de attach from the smelter and cliped into the aluminum, i cannot get the copper, it is stuck there.
  4. The seat is in a position other than forwards, this can cause problems as the light from the astroneer cannot illuminate the terrain in front of me, i have driven into a few cave entrances during the night and have had to flip the rover over many times, this is a really annoying "bug", but i am not sure i can call it a bug. Thanks for being good dev's!
  5. The radiated planet has dust storms wayyyy to often, they are quite noisy and irritating at times. I suggest increasing the delay of the storms or having them encompass the entire planet instead of de spawning and spawning.
  6. When using the excavator and doing the flatten key or shift to flatten terrain, it restricts mouse movement. As to say, when digging you have freedom to move the mouse when doing so, when flattening, it only does it in rows or Collums. After logging back into the game it works as normal but is quite annoying, never does it when I don't have wide mod and boost on.
  7. There are pieces of Laterite and Malachite on the floor with just the connection parts, happens after using drill with crane on the large rover (planet is radiated). Thanks! -Jakub
  8. The system of driving the truck and or the rover is really wonky. Or as I mean to say a bit unstable, having the direction of the wasd keys in the director of the camera or player view point direction really makes it tough to drive and get around. Sometimes when connecting trucks together with the extra storage 3d printed on causes bus with driving as I have observed the wheel getting stuck into the wheel guard. It is rather unpleasant and rubberbanding occurs, other than that the game is beautiful for a early alpha game and the low poly style is really good for low end computer players. Keep