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  1. While trying to place aluminum on the vehicle bay, it fell through the bay and now I can't grab it. The bay is sitting on a large platform A. This is via steam.
  2. Nikademus

    Backpack Items Float in Mid-air

    Same for me.
  3. Nikademus

    Cannot pick up seat built onto a rover

    I am also experiencing this with Steam client. If I put a second single person seat on the rover, I can remove that one.
  4. Nikademus

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    My truck was bouncing up/down/shaking with a storage area on it as well, but the storage was empty. I kept looking around to see what the noise was.
  5. Nikademus

    Steam VR starts on launching the game

    I'm getting this as well.
  6. Just started game, on Steam. Loaded save game, and backpack items are floating near the backpack.