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  1. It may have gone to outer space like my vehicles did.
  2. My Land Vehicles somehow launched into space and are in Geosynchronous orbit. Not sure how to get them back.
  3. I built a Vehicle Bay using a second habitat near my first. It is not connected to the Habitat and does not receive power. I cannot find any way to connect it manually. You can also see in the picture that my habitat is overlapping my other structures and is asking for Resin in the middle of the power indicators for my other building.
  4. When I logged back in today, my Truck had transported into Space. I uploaded a picture of its' three-dot identifier visible from the ground. I went into space and I can still see that 3-dot ID as well as the ones from other equipment I used to have on the ground. My stash of supplies went underground again, so i had to dig deep to recover them. I also built a habitat and placed it near my existing structures while waiting to put it on top of my launch vehicle. I mistakenly hit the "place" icon and it's stuck in place now. It has also expanded into the existing buildings. I know there are multiple issues in this posting, but can post them separate if that would be better.
  5. I have had this happen, too. Not quite so far way, though.
  6. I logged out for a few hours, and when I logged back in, all my supplies were gone. I had them in a secure location, so they didn't blow away in storms. By supplies, I mean resources, Coal, Aluminum, Copper, etc. I spent a lot of time collecting them and to find them gone was just a little frustrating.