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  1. I didn't see anything previously posted, but it would be awesome if there was a feature where you could eject/drop all the items from your backpack instead of having to take things out one by one. Thats it. Just a little button or something to help out with material collecting.
  2. Summary: Random Crash on Novus Description: My game randomly crashes on Novus while I'm clearing away soil for my base. Video: Shows I'm not doing anything special, just a random crash. ASTRONEER 3_24_2019 4_44_14 PM (3).mp4 Platform: Steam Version/Build Number:
  3. Summary: Platforms printing without cable plugs Description: My platforms will occasionally print without the ability to plug in. There’s no plug. Nothing specific produces this, it just happens. I’m not sure what to do to replicate this. It’s a waste of resources… Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
  4. I was just exploring a cave on Calidor and suddenly I was launched to the other side of the planet! Luckily there is a ton of resin on this planet. It took me almost an hour, but I was able to find my ship using my last resin. It was a close call. It launched me on Glacio too, but it only sent me from a cave to the surface.
  5. I'm having this same problem and I'm SO IRRITATED because it happens even on terran! I hope someone knows how to fix this because I want my smooth base back ;_; For me, this happens ALL the time! Is there a setting to change? Does anyone know how to fix this? ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 11_30_2018 2_12_14 AM.mp4
  6. Hello, I experienced something that hasn't happened to me before, and I didn't find on the forums. I was standing outside my habitat, full oxygen and all, perfect health, no storm to gain damage from, no falls, but suddenly, for no reason I died when I was going into the habitat to save. When I was revived with the drop ship, I tried to get my items, but they were stuck. I don't know why this happened...it was weird. You can even see my full oxygen tank in the door.
  7. Hello! I was wondering if anyone else was having a problem researching the small items found on planets? I can't researc the little mineral items that you get from trees and the like. You know, these things: Not sure why this happens but yeah...strange issue.
  8. Update question: If it was a hardware issue, why would the larger holograms show, but the one in the backpack printer not show? It's irritating because I really want to play and see what's available but this kinda complicates that. I did notice though, that when I'm in the backpack printer, only the ones i haven't gotten yet, have a red light.
  9. Yeah it seems like everything matches the specs and all. It worked for a few hours after the update but when I closed the game and came back to it later, it was like that -points to image- Visual c is up to date and so is direct x, with version 12
  10. Hi, My astroneer is still having the issue with the holograms not showing on the backpack printer. I tried updating and even installing and reinstalling, but the holograms won't show. Any help or suggestions?
  11. My little guy dies at random! I can be standing right next to the main habitat, like literally touching, and he'll just do his little spin and die. This wasn't so bad when I was still in the general area of the habitat, but I was half way across the planet and this happened and I got sent ALL the way back to the base! Is anyone else having this problem.
  12. Have you tried using the inhibitor? When I have rocks or other things on my landing pads, it removes them.
  13. One of my biggest pet peeves at the moment with astroneer is the flora. I a bit of a stickler about keeping my base clean and organized and on a flat surface, but if my capsule lands in an area with 'grass', I'll clear it , but it grows back. it's so annoying. If this could be changed, that would be awesome.... Same with the stalagmites in the caves. It would be great that they wouldn't respawn because it makes it hard to take the rover in and out of the caves.
  14. I'm confused...I've been playing this game for a while, and for the first time, I saw this thing...not sure what it is or what it does. Does anyone else have these on the outside of their habitat? I've never seen them in previous screenshots from others...