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  1. MardoPardo


    Thats because the Host PC has to do all the hard work. If other players mine, your computer does the calculations and that is what kills the fps. If i recall it correctly, SES mentioned in a vlog that they plan on fixing this - i surely hope they do!
  2. MardoPardo

    Hole that makes you look into the void

    New updates can break older saves in a number of ways, but thats not guaranteed. Still better to start a new game with every patch. As for the acutal bug you be having. Are you the host or you joined a friends game? Astroneer had some sync issues in MP a while back which were seams across terrain, but i thought they had resolved the problem.
  3. MardoPardo

    Screenshot bug?

    Has it been like this since the beginning? Did you perform a clean install on drivers?
  4. MardoPardo

    I can’t print what I’ve unlocked

    Medium printer is a base module, you build it just like you did build the Research module. I dare to guess, thats where all of your unlocks are "hiding".
  5. MardoPardo

    Why are the starting positions so bad right now?

    Agreed! I've never abandoned a drop based only on lack of nearby resources. If one looks, one is sure to find essential loots for starting. As for caves, Eoghan nailed it. Rather easy to make a way into a cave on your own. Hit-rate on caves when digging down is high as zebraballs. If anything, sure as zebraballs it feels like we've been blessed with even more resources near initial drop-spots.
  6. MardoPardo

    The Tether BUG

    It might be that some tethers are really at their limits and the ground tends to "deform" a little as you move in and out of range of individual tether poles and the ground beneath those. Re-place all your tethers but don't go for those last micrometers when going the diatance.
  7. MardoPardo

    Do Research Chambers Research If You Are Far From Your Base?

    As long as it has power, you can even go to another planet at it will still "mine" for those juicy bytes.
  8. MardoPardo

    Hole that makes you look into the void

    Known issue with using older saves. As bad as it might sound, you should NOT get attatched to your saves. Sure, SES has stated several times they try not to break our games, but sometimes it just happens. I personally would strongly suggest starting a new game with every new update! and sometimes the void looks back into you
  9. MardoPardo

    New creature ?

    The creature is rather common on some planets(underground). As for the item it dropped, that is a type of organic that broke in the latest update.
  10. MardoPardo

    Switching seats

    Well, you can't jump from one seat to other in real life. I'd rather see an option to turn off the saving part upon entering anything. Either make it save only when entering the Habitat, or even better: add a quicksave button/do it from the menu.
  11. MardoPardo

    Found an item called "Item Type" in a cave

    It is a type of organic that unfortunately is broken at the time being.
  12. Maybe this helps
  13. MardoPardo

    A bundle of ideas

    Some might have been already posted, but good ideas should to be repeated! Statistics: How much one has traveled by walking/running/driving/flying. How much soil one has mined/removed. Game time(total/save/session). Total research pods researched(not unique) Power produced and used(nuggets/generators/wind&solar). Materials created from smelter/mineral extractor. etc... Option to rename saves: This would make finding the correct save much faster. No need to load and quit several times in search for the save one wishes to play. Maybe add some basic information next to specific saves on the main menu: current planet, % of researches found. Why not even a small thumbnail. Ironman mode: One game, one life. You die, you dead. Game over. Just for some extra challenge. More diverse geography: Currently, it feels like once you have seen a "seed" or two, you have seen them all(per planet). Sure, there are variables but on the bigger picture the caves in particular sometimes feel a legit copypaste even on different saves. will add once something worth mentioning comes to mind.
  14. MardoPardo

    Character customization? It is planned
  15. MardoPardo

    Can't seem to find the oxygen "Tank".

    glad you got it! Congratulations