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    Store it all

    I'm back at it again with another outlandishly useful idea! It's quite a simple concept, we have a Medium storage and Large, but what about a Small? Well fear not, I have come up with the solution, a Small Storage that will (much like a medium) unfold into 2 additional slots, created from the Backpack it not only can be used in the bases, but effectively DOUBLE the backpack and mining tools storage, allowing to not only use 2 mods for the tool with 1 slot (say a Booster and Wide mod) along with holding and filling more canisters per trip! An excellent thing for those long mining trips where you need to hold more Tethers, or just have to hull a bigger bounty back to base, the Small storage will be easy on the resources, and make your job much more effective! Don't delay my developer friends, add the Small storage with the upcoming update! (I also took the liberty of drawing out some rough designs for it, now I'm not an artist in any way mind you.)
  2. Mattbatcraz

    Gotta move that gear up!

    Hello my friends, tell me, have you ever had a moment where you find a launch pad, put things on it, then think "Hmm, something better could go here, but I can't remove these things!" Well fret not, because I have thought of a solution to this problem, Repack! Yes, yes, pull out your good ol' mining tool and hold (well, for Xbox) hold B, and watch as the structure shrinks back down and shuts itself inside a box for easy transport, no longer will you have to worry about a bad placement ever again, think of the resources saved on Platforms and buildings! "But Matt, why do you sound like you're selling this?" Because I am! It's the best thing since the Buggy, and all You need to do, wonderful Dev team, is make it possible! Don't delay, add it to the next update!
  3. Mattbatcraz

    Power Failure

    Or toss it into the world like how the old power system did when prompting a connection, if attached it should just knock them off (or as you said put it in the upper slots of the chassis).
  4. Mattbatcraz

    Power Failure

    I had a solar panel and wind turbine on the back of a small buggy, then I plugged it into my base it flipped the ports over and deleted my turbine and solar panel...sorta not happy about the loss of resources.
  5. Mattbatcraz

    Harvest the Planet

    Now I know what you're wondering: "What's in the Canister?", It's soil my friend, and why is it I have to switch them out if my vehicle has 8 empty ones stored? Now that I have your attention and memes aside, my idea is this, if you are tethered to your buggy (or your base) and you have full canisters already it will use the tethering system to fill the first mineral extractor that isn't full, or begin to fill the empty canister mounted to storage on a buggy.
  6. First thing I would like to adress: the overall Lag issue (and how it just tanks frames if you try to do Multiplayer) making it impossible to set bases up on other planets. Second thing: second player using a vehicle (that is not a lander) will cause the vehicle to spaz out and glitch through the map, killing them and losing the entirety of the vehicle. Third thing: map holes, a LOT of map holes (main cause of my deaths) Fourth thing: cursor lag (making it also impossible to build bases) And lastly: random death on spawn. If needed feel free to ask me more about the issues and I'll tell you more details.