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  1. When gathering hematite on Novus, the same amount of hematite, already stored in an earth hole, vanishes.
  2. in version 1.0 the landscape on the surface and underground has gained a tremendous improvement. I like it. But now my astroneer cannot run any longer while carrying research items. Walking all the way from the end of the cave to the base in slow motion is no fun. (Win 10, steam edition)
  3. After a flight back from the moon with the little shuttle, all of those items researched before for building in the vehicle bay, except shuttle seat and rover seat, were not to find. Building a second vehicle bay resulted in the same error. After disconnecting the bay no.2 from another platform and connecting it directly to the base, bay no.2 showed again all items researched before, whereas bay no. 1 still showed the error. After disconnecting bay no.1 and connecting it to bay no.2, both worked well again.
  4. Sorry, I didn't tell the whole truth. After the storm I filled some holes again. When coming back to the base, they were empty again. New holes made afterwards worked well.
  5. I put collected materials in earth holes around the base. Normally, storms don't affect them, but in one case all stored material was gone with the wind.
  6. Please consider exhaustive mining to yield a better benefit than only big heaps of unused raw materials. They could be used for instance in building railways in mines, as already proposed, or creating a planetwide system of highways for easy travelling.