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    What is the zembra ball is...

    What is the zembra ball is... shit? You know these things? maybe their poop is extremely durable or the low oxygen levels have allowed it to slow down it's decomposition! Perhaps the holy sacred zebra ball is simply some poop from a dinosaur thingy... no wonder they died; their diet pretty much sucked if this is the case! their poop was rock solid! literally!
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    What is the zembra ball is...

    I shall never my child.
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    The Corpse

    Imagine if that was a thing!
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    floating through terrain

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    Broken planet possibly colliding with mine

    I can't tell if they did collide; but it flew really really close. Really makes me think tho... A mechanic that would just make your planet collide against a celestial object possibly giving a countdown before it's destroyed or becomes floating space rubble would be pretty cool...