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  1. Had some weird problems on smaller planets like Radiated or on the Moon. The deform tool seems to "snap" to some planetary surface grid when you use the "flattem" function. And when you then move the cursor left or right, it sticks at one "vector" that originates from the player and goes towards the direction you had your cursor in when starting the flatten action. When you move the cursor further left or right, (with mouse button still pressed), it will suddenly snap to the next "vector" and leave a gap between you last and your new targeted area. It's hard to explain... I didn't make a video sadly. But here is a wonky drawing: Basically, you can't smoothly svivel your deform tool left and right with 'flatten' mode. It will only allow the forward/backward motion and then if you move far enough with the mouse, it will jump to the next "vector". Like distinct, invisible meridians that originate at the players position. So if you want to flatten a plane in front of you, you instead are limited to making a "V" or an iverted star shape with gaps inbetween that you can't target. i didn't encounter this on Earthlike or Tundra. So I guess it's linked toi the size of a planet. Radiated was bad. Moon was really bad.
  2. Lucky you? Currently, you can't launch that shuttle when all slots are occupied with a large storage. As putting any seat or habitat on that large storage will not allow a launch. (this was changed recently) So you are lucky to not have a doomed shuttle now.
  3. Shabazza

    Key Bindings resetting

    Oldest problem ever. Let's hope they will fix it in 1.0 preparations. Such stuff should be fixed in beta at latest.
  4. Happened very rarely to me. But it does happen. Reloading the game helps.
  5. Shabazza

    beacons are kind of useless

    Beacons are cheap. Just use more than one to track your way. Shortly before your home beacon disappears behind the horizon, place another one. And maybe color code it to your liking. My color codes: Blue: Base or shuttle Green: Rover Pink: Cave with resources or still unexplored parts Red: Landing zone or cave with no more stuff or generally "never visit again" spot. Other colors are used for waypoints when I go far away from my base or shuttle. It's not that bad.
  6. 2. The only gripe I have with scrap is: It's basically useless by the time you have the resources to build a medium or large shredder and a trade platform. The medium shredder is useless, as it cannot crush 90% of anything laying around. So until you can build the large one, you already have visited multiple planets ang got every single resource in the game... And finding scrap is actually not that fun. You need to drive around deliberately with a large rover setup for ages and find that stuff. And then you get like 2-4 stacks worth of scrap per site. You can't move that stuff. So you can't collect it as you go. You need to dedicate to make a "scrap collector run". Why should I do that, when I can simply launch a shuttle and get the exact high-tier resource I need in minutes? So the base idea of scrap is fine. But we need to be able to deconstruct base modules. And we need to be able to haul scrap of any size in a convenient way without having to drag around a large shredder. Just like science pods. Give us "Scrap Transport Clips" with 1 and 2 slots made of compound or resin. So we can attach scrap to those and haul it wherever we find it.
  7. Same here. I got this after several hours into the game. With V0.10.2.0 and earlier versions. Reloading the save solves it. I got this very rarely. But it can happen.
  8. Currently, the small solar panel will only charge a batteries of a base or a rover when directly attached to the platform or vehicle. It will not charge anything when attached to a medium storage slot on that platform or vehicle. But the small wind vane does charge stuff when attached to a medium storage. I don't know which one is the bugged one. But this should be consistent. And I would suggest to make it, so both can charge when attached to a medium storage. For vehicles, it's pretty bad if they can't and you have to sacrifice a precious base slot for just that.
  9. Not a bug. Just a poorly documented feature. I made an improvement-thread for this already. They removed the ability to control a shuttle with a seat attached to a large storage. Any seat must now be directly attached to the shuttle. Even when using a habitat. So if you put 1 large storage on a medium shuttle or 2 large storages on a large shuttle, this shuttle is screwed for eternity.
  10. Shabazza

    Rover movement

    Do you mean it stops suddenly? Never had that effect. Or that it does not move after returning to it? I have the second effect for a while now. Workaround is to flatten or to dig the ground below the rover just a tad. So it unstucks it.
  11. I think that's a long-standing bug, iirc. BTW: That's a really good bug report. Just for the protocol.
  12. BTW Rift....can you play Astroneer in VR? That would be neat indeed...
  13. Shabazza

    Small Shuttle Two Chairs Bug

    Hm. Well, I printed the thruster with the medium fabricator and placed it manually, after I had placed the rover seat on top (also manually). Did you try to build the thruster with the vehicle bay? I guess you need to do it in another order. First place the thruster, then the seat. Because it might priorize the bottom slot. It's the same for any other vehicle or shuttle. The vehicle bay just tries to place a module in the same order and only goes to another slot if the primary one is occupied. I guess it's just looking for the first free "index" of slots to place stuff, even if it doesn't make sense. It's not a bug it that sense, but something that needs improvement. Player should be able to select the slot to place stuff in the vehicle bay.
  14. Shabazza


    There should definitely be a way that can enable the player to stay active during a storm. That's my biggest gripe with those storms. You just immediately hide and effectively stop playing the game.
  15. Shabazza

    Medium shuttle pointless

    Totally agree. No longer being able to pilot it when a large storage module is attached is a killer. I was not even able to lift-off my shuttle in the most recent game (first of that patch), because I didn't know that the habitat also does no longer work for that... So it was fully loaded and did not move anywhere... owo