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  1. Windows Version. I know that we haven't been able to connect via tether to small platforms in the past however, now that every thing is compact and modular and we are encouraged to explore quickly I think we should be able to draw power from small platforms. See attached image. Trying to explore exotic and just want power for mods... Thanks! PS Love Love that the small fabricator boxes up the items i.e medium solar and storage!
  2. I am having a similar problem. I save as normal (sitting in a pod or a seat on a vehicle) and it generates the save file but when I load the save it has not saved the most recent play time. For example I played yesterday morning and then again in the evening and when I went back to it today it loaded the save from yesterday morning. looking forward to the next update to hopefully fix this issue! Win 10
  3. Well, maybe the whole saving system needs be be changed as well then. Also, the planets are pretty huge and only exploring the surface gets boring pretty fast. You can only plan ahead so far and be careful so much. I just think this is something that should be looked at.
  4. Can the respawn location be changed to your last save location instead of the last spaceship location? This game is about exploration and it is counter intuitive to spend hours going out and exploring a planet only to die and go pack to your start location. I love playing this game but it's kind of a buzz kill when that happens. Thanks and keep up the great work!