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  1. Hey there teaxer, I couldn't help noticing that in the two screenshots you show you don't have the resources to print the selected item. Having the button blacked out in this situation is normal game behaviour. Does the button stay blacked out when either you or the machine have all the required ingredients? I have attached 2 screenies from one of my games to show you what I mean. The first is without resources, the second is with resources. Once I have the resources, the button lights up.
  2. Sorry, can't re-edit my above post. This post by the devs gives you patch notes and known issues for 0.6.5, 0.6.6 and 0.6.7, including the "teleporting object" issue. Hope this assists.
  3. I have steam not win10/xbox, so maybe you have a different version release schedule (can't see this in the patch notes though). I think this is fixed in 0.6.6 and 0.6.7, which have been out since 29 Mar and 30 Mar respectively. Do you have to manually update? Meanwhile, if you have stuff disappear, have a close look around your vehicle and under your habitat, as some stuff has been appearing in odd spots when dropped. See this post for a screenshot to give you an example.
  4. It's a little thing, I know, but it irritates me greatly when I am in the grip of a massive storm, lethal blocks of terrain striking all around me as I cower in my habitat, and I note that the wind strength is insufficient to spin my wind turbines. Surely if bits of terrain are flying through the air then the small and medium wind turbines should be putting out maximum watts... edit - perhaps if destructible base elements are implemented then I have to make a choice between letting them spin for lots of power with risk of damage/destruction vs locking them down for no power but safe fr
  5. After dropping a lithium, it vanished. I found it lodged in my shuttle (see screenshot). No handle would appear for it and I could not interact with it. When I eventually took off in the shuttle, the lithium appeared to vibrate loose and fell off the shuttle at high altitude.
  6. Some navigation markers are appearing in the wrong position. When in orbit or on the surface a planet, sets of nav markers (for rovers, habitats, beacons) for another planet are appearing floating in space instead of connected to the object.
  7. - Steam - Win10x64 Confirming still extant in latest patch
  8. Steam. Perceived problem: I play astroneer on a multi-monitor PC. There is a tiny bit of bugginess in this, but mostly just a suggestion. Astroneer does not capture the mouse pointer even when in full-screen mode. This has benefits in some parts of gameplay - for example I am typing this post and checking the wiki on other screens without having to alt-tab out of the game. It does, however, create some unpredictable behaviour with camera movement and also with the terrain tool. If I am modifying terrain and the mouse pointer leaves the area of the game screen,
  9. I think it would be difficult to deny that the 0.6.5 update needs hotfixes to address the game-breaking bugs it has introduced. We, the population of loyal pre-alpha and alpha testers which SystemEra thank every time I launch the game, are drifting in ones and twos to the "uninstall and wait for news" camp. The longer we wait with an unplayable game, the more of the experienced testing population SystemEra loses. Most of us are happy to deal with the "hilarious" bugs, but a game which is less interactive than a youtube video is not what we signed up for. We need a workable interface bac
  10. Could this be the same bug as in this thread where the devs asked for savegames of the problem to be uploaded? I have posted a video of similar problems to the OP there.
  11. This (except I can't pick up resources). My initial bug report for this problem is Here. I have attached a video showing the dead-spot and normal interface function as I move back and forth over the (invisible) boundary. interface error.mp4
  12. Yes, I think so. I didn't read the whole thread, and missed the later refinements. Specifically the "interactive dead spot" described by WizWonk in that thread. I grabbed a couple of videos showing the difference in interface between being in the dead spot and not. Going over to billbo99's thread.
  13. Summary: When my astroneer is in some locations my cursor no longer recognises objects or the astroneer and does not change context. Even the compass rose which shows when I mouse over the astroneer stops appearing. Description: In some locations the mouse cursor stops changing on mouse-over objects or the astroneer. Cannot grab objects in the world or in the backpack. Compass rose no longer appears on mouse-over astroneer. Moving back past an invisible line allows interaction. Have tried restart, reload. No change. Video files to follow. Platform: Steam Version /
  14. @CuriousCabbit your suggestion with the POV issue worked - a missing worklight was under the habitat. Thanks! Also, as you suggest the alt-Lclick seems to work even in circumstances where hold-e is bugged. This is a great work-around for PC users until the devs iron this out. Thanks for your help!