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  1. Anybody has any update(s) about this bug. It's really pain in the ass to restart the game so often and always loose the progress...
  2. DeltaKiko, how to get a dump like this in Windows 7? It looks like it might help the devs more then "random freeze" statement/rant? :-)
  3. playtime 10 minutes, no digging, picking/dropping one-seat on my way back to tether sound: yes, it keeps playing for me too, I'm not sure if it's important anyhow
  4. playtime 30min, no digging before freeze
  5. here we go, playtime about 40 seconds :-D
  6. UPDATE: it looks like it freezes mainly while I'm digging, I'll start making screenshots of the freezed screens, maybe everyone can join...
  7. Game freezes after few minutes of gameplay. Sometimes I can play for half an hour, sometimes it's just a minute or two. I play on Steam using Steam's In-home streaming (to my Macbook) with mouse&keyboard. Logs directory is empty - game freezes and has to be terminated using the task manager. Diag is attached. Thank you for a lovely game and for the great and fast responses.