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  1. Reporting pretty much the same thing! Wanted to see what happens at a planet's core I dug a looooong tunnel (one that I can get out of). In the very low gravity zone near the core I still got some fall damage despite the small gravity, but it felt inconsistent and sometimes it seemed that physics had to take up to a second to notice Also sliding down my tunnel was very dangerous as getting bumped into the air could mean instant death at high speeds even though my Astroneer barely too his/her feet of the ground as it seems it's the vertical speed (or vertical distance?) that matters.
  2. Getting lost on a planet was a new and fun experience (because I had a truck and a generator), so I'd like to keep it in a way. So instead of a marker on your base we could have a triangulation device that would try and lock on the nearest transmitter basically only giving the astroneer the distance to it. That reading in turn would be affected by the actual distance, planet's curvature, weather and such, so before setting a course you'd need to check the reading about 5 times or so and in different spots of course. The altimeter would be useful and I'd add a compass and an artificial hor
  3. This is pretty sweet! Could lead to the creation of a "medical bay" which would produce things like health packs, vaccines, antidotes and maybe even performance-enhancing drugs (?). You'd then need to keep those on your person while entering danger zones - maybe in a special medical container that can hold more than one at a time... or simply on a truck This medical bay could also have a healing chamber that removes all conditions affecting the astroneer. Proper research might be required before such functionality is achieved... but any previously discovered cures would carry over to
  4. If someone really needs that there might be a set of goals that need to be achieved or some sort of point system. For instance the end goal is to build an interstellar spaceship and that would require resources that can only be found on specific planets (so you have to be able to visit them all). Points could be awarded for being the nth player to achieve a milestone (like first rover/truck/shuttle/astronium miner/tundra planet explorer etc). In a team vs team environment it would mean a balance between building your own bases and disrupting your competitors - stealing resources and diggi
  5. At least a part of my idea was useful. In addition to the obvious I can imagine shield generators be needed for handling some sort of unstable resources or entering particularly hostile environments, getting your ship through an asteroid field. Heck, maybe there can even be more advanced shields that convert absorbed damage/projectiles into some kind of resource. Other ways of generating safe zones might be good old walls and fences (which can also be force fields) and some more specific things like lures for wildlife, so you can hopefully direct them into a hole. But I guess thi
  6. Or to be more precise - safety as a resource. The idea is to have automated defensive turrets that one might even be able to attach to their backpack (and most definitely to their vehicles or base structures). No point-and-click shooting. Might require energy and/or special ammo resource to fire. Having these would create a zone of (relative) safety in environments with hostile wildlife and would turn any potentially deadly animal into a bit more intelligent version of the gas cloud emitted by underground plants. If these turrets actually kill animals they can be later turned into Organic