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    Videos Megathread

    Hello Guys And Girls I've uploaded a couple more videos and i will continue to upload soon...ish...er. I am not gonna spam any more all i wanted to say is that in the last one there are some interesting bugs that occur you might wanna check them out Here is the link to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gEHDTEvN_o&list=PLuq6iPoDM6Y2jScrTkAUEvSyhZ3ky1vJW Best Regards, FaceLess
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    Videos Megathread

    Hello, Here's a new one that is dedicated to multiplayer only with friends I just started this so don't expect too much Be Gentle I will make sure to upload recently videos Best Regards, FaceLess
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    Some Ideas for Astroneer

    i will use google docs for the next one i didn't think that the file would not open but thanks for letting me know
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    Some Ideas for Astroneer

    Hello, This is all the content from the Doc file : Some ideas 1. Colonies and/or abandoned colonies. - Alien bases - Temples/pyramids/ruins (ancient) - Normal Astroneer bases The idea here is to discover new research artifacts, items and materials that can help you with the exploration of the world. There can also be added some abandoned rovers or trucks that contain materials just like resource drop pods and crashed pods. 1.1 Temples/pyramids/ruins can also spawn underground in the caves 2. Upgradeable buildings. Let’s say that the player has found an alien base and he gets one artifact from there. When he put the artifact on the Research station and press the button it will pop up message that will say: “Unknown technology” or “Upgrade the station”. To upgrade it, the player will have to find special material/materials around/or in the alien base, collect it and place it on the 4 slots of the station. Then a button for upgrade will appear. When the upgrade is done, he can place the new artifact. That artifact will give one of the following as an example: - Flying saucer* - Space station - Space telescope - Laser drill/mining tool - Repair tool for the crashed space stations/pods/crafts - Large building for the space station - Dome/force field The function of the flying saucer will be to explore every known planet without the worry for the fuel. The downside is that you cannot carry any additional materials like the shuttle* or the spaceship* can. The space station can be used as a second base. From there player/s can receive information from the telescope about the location for the new solar system and comets. It can be build from crashed space stations/pods/crafts or with big amount of materials at the large building. Players can go there with any of the three(*). Also the space station can be used for traveling to any known planet and will have large storage on it. The laser drill/mining tool can mine titanium and lithium and can be upgraded. With this tool the player can only mine resources. It cannot modify terrain. The dome/force field function is to protect player base/s from some hazards. 2.1 The other buildings like the smelter, printer, vehicle bay and habitat can be upgraded too. 2.2 The ancient researches will contain better vehicles, winch and storages. 3. New planets. With the telescope the player/s will discover new solar systems with several planets. Each one will have unique hazards and materials that cannot be found anywhere else. The hazards are: - Thunder storm Two minutes before the storm appears, dark clouds will come, making the weather almost black and reducing effectiveness from any light sources and visibility by ~75%. The lightning can hit trees, buildings, vehicles and the area around them. Direct hit from it will kill the player. - Acid rain Two minutes before the acid rain occurs, the atmosphere will become green. When the rain begins, the player will take damage that will increase over time and will kill him. If there is an active dome/force field and the player is inside it, he will be saved. - Extreme cold Sometimes the temperatures will drop, causing the ground to freeze for ~15 min and making the vehicles hard to control on that ground. The wind vanes and turbines will freeze and they will stop producing energy. - Tornado Very similar to dust storms, but the tornado can lift light objects like players, resources, artifacts and rovers and send them away. - Volcano When a volcano erupts it will cover ¼ of the planet, reducing the visibility by ~30% in this area for ~20min. If there are solar panels or arrays they will stop working. - More hazards like pumpkins, worms and lure plants 4. Comets After the telescope detects a comet, the player/s can go there with the shuttle. The comet will contain diamonds and graphite that can be mined with the laser drill/mining tool and special research artifact/s that can be found only on comets. They are timed events and the player/s will have few minutes after landing on them, before the comet breaks down. If the player/s didn’t lift of before comet breaks down, they will die and will lose the shuttle, all materials and inventory items that they have. 5. New research - Mini rover/companion that require power to work and will follow the player. Also the player can put small storage on it. - The Mini Rover will also have a small solar panel on it in order to have energy - When the Mini rover has no power it will turn off and it will be inactive until it recovers power
  5. Hello, I would like to share my ideas with you. Hope you like them Best Regards, FaceLess Some Ideas for Astroneer.docx
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    Conveyor Belt

    Hello, I've been playing Astroneer for the last couple of days and i can't stop its awesome. I had this idea to put in a Conveyor Belt in the game it would be pretty awesome to have something like this inside your cave to help you carry researches and resources with you. This is an example : Best Regards, Bojo09