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  1. Saving, quitting and reloading appears to have fixed the problem.
  2. I've just built my second research chamber for my current save (latest version for Xbox One) - the new research chamber is on Desolo - only to find that its research item slot is untargettable. With a research item on the cursor, it behaves as if the chamber's research item slot just isn't there. The research chamber is on the tier 3 slot of a large platform B, and the research item always docks with one of the tier 2 slots when they're unoccupied, or docks with nothing and drops loose when they're both occupied.
  3. After downloading and installing an update, which I assume was the Automation Update, on Xbox One, the game no longer loads. It gets as far as the orbiting planets with progress bar loading screen, but the progress bar stops at about half full for a few minutes, then it quits to the Xbox One home page. I've already tried doing a full shutdown and restart of my Xbox One, but it didn't fix the problem. Are there any other solutions?