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    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    Ahh I understand (and meant no offense). I completely agree. The amount of options and space to explore is WAY out of proportion to the amount of unique stuff to do. I have posted before that this would be helped by a much more difficult setting. I want to explore a planet where not every cave has 27 laterite deposits next to 34 malachite deposits. It will make it much more exciting when you pull up to a mass of three of them. All we need for that is a slider at game start for "resource abundance" or a difficulty that includes that. I also agree that even with that I am waiting for 1.0 in the hopes that there is much more depth to the game, bc at the moment I also feel like in my 150 hours I've "done it all".
  2. Beren99

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    Except that the rate of tech unlock is fixed and you can't easily "pretend" that it is harder. I feel that part of early access is about testing things and this seems a poor way to keep players interested (unless there is going to be WAY more stuff to unlock in December. I am certainly not the only one who feels there isn't even any reason to leave Terran anymore. I suggested that the easy fix is just "difficulty" settings. Let us set the resource abundance (lot of other games do this). Let us set the byte economy (from 1 item gives one tech to like 10 items to get one tech). it would be VERY easy and still let you "tinker" while others of us search the whole solar system to acquire all the tech. Also I stand by my statement that in the final game it makes no sense for items you have already researched to give the same amount of bytes. It should be between zero and ~1/10 of the original value. Im just writing in the hopes that these options will be available in 1.0
  3. Beren99

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    This is exactly why the mineral extractor and many of the other current mechanics SUCK! What is even the point of looking for resources anymore let alone going to another planet? There had really better be a VERY strong set of difficulties to choose from to remove this stuff and online interactions (if they ever exist) would only be between people on the same level. I honestly don't how the infinite resources is engaging but would certainly be unfair for trade situations. We need to have reasons to explore. Please go back to the idea that is is very hard to impossible to acquire certain tech/resource types without EXPORING or at least give us a game mode like that, so I don't have to pretend that I don't have infinite energy and rss production from my lander and the dirt around it just to make the game fun!
  4. Beren99

    Nerf smaller planets / moons?

    Agreed. The size and scale of the solar system is WILDLY out of proportion with the time to complete research. The bigger items should be sufficiently expensive (and research rare) as to require to to decide if you are gonna really explore Terran or push for spaceship to access the "new items" on other worlds. Ive posted before but duplicate research times should give ZERO bytes. Give us a reason to go tot he other planets. I want to believe they have a plan to solve this for 1.0 but the closer we get the more I'm preparing to get burned... Solve it with difficulty, solve it with options, whatever...but solve it.
  5. Beren99

    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    New Patch has killed one of my saves. When I had a medium generator, work light and small battery attached to the front of a large Rover I accidentally reconnected it to the base via an extender. It popped all the items off the front of the rover and connected but now I cannot click on ANYTHING. The file is dead and I have reloaded, checked other saves, etc. it is only the file where I did that rover mistake. BIG PROBLEM that will need to be fixed. Otherwise the new base/ mobile base mechanics are great!
  6. Beren99

    Patch 0.6.2 - February 28th, 2018

    Any chance of being able to disable the nuclear reactor or whatever that provides infinite power from the new habitat? or perhaps it could run out after an initial power boost? Maybe its just for testing but it REALLY de--incentivizes researching or using any kind of power source. It is otherwise AWESOME layout and cool look, plus THE DOOR CLOSES!!!!
  7. Beren99

    Points based research idea.

    This idea would actually be fantastic! (Well done Permetheus). It would in fact be a way of asking the game "what can I build with this stuff". There is always a risk that the first time the answer is "i don't know", but each time there should be an increased chance that you discover "oh hey I can use lithium to make a huge battery!". Seems intuitive, keeps the randomisation and gives the player some control over progression.
  8. Having the shuttle only got to the moon (or maybe one planet at a certain time in its orbit...elliptical orbits anyone?) would be great. It then allows much greater exploration of Terran, and exploration on the moon (low gravity) could naturally allow for the advanced anti-grav tech needed to launch bigger spaceships needed to reach other worlds. As was said in a another thread reaching planets and certain tech should be the end of a significant arc of effort.
  9. Beren99

    Points based research idea.

    Having nuggets of data would be awesome. You could then imagine an augment for the TT that would allow you to scan research items in the field and produce "data stacks" allow you to bring more back to base w/o lugging the chests. this could be a later game item so initially the mechanic stays the same for carrying chests to the research platform. The visual would then be you seeing your next nugget of the appropriate "data type" accumulating on the TT or research platform (there would need to be a way to link these...). This would also be a cool way to have data stored on crashed ships...pull the "data drive". There could also be categories of data for lore, some of which could be accumulated the same way (learning about alien worlds, failed astroneer missions off bodies, and ancient human/alien tech on crashes/ruins). This could also then let you learn some of the info we would all like to see about what kinds of research items do what and where resources might be located, etc without it being told to us from the start...because how would we know. By randomising it we even get more replayability.
  10. Beren99

    Binoculars Tech

    +1 Seems like such a great way to promote exploring the planets. Plus they could take time to "focus" which gives the game time to render the target range. Same idea could apply to telescopes. First to look at landing zones in more detail from orbit then perhaps even from another planet surface?
  11. Beren99

    Extension cord

    Yes Please! Nothing more frustrating with base design than not being able to place nodes where it makes sense for the terrain or having the "auto-expand" rotate slowly or not go where you think, especially since it is semi-permanent. Sometimes I like the whole "flatten everything and make a base" but mountain bases and cave bases built into the natural terrain are also awesome. Plus you should be able to connect multiple of these to each other to make connections to the surface for solar/wind power from underground bases. I also really like the idea of connecting more "space junk" found in crash sites for tech before it is researched.
  12. Beren99

    New Idea: Crafting List

    You could also have "?" slots for things that the devs wanted to be hidden but showed that there was something in the related category that can be discovered...Rumors of higher level tech possible
  13. Beren99

    Vertical Storage Pillar

    The tower with nodes to connect 8 smaller storage units is AMAZING! Plus having a connection for solar/wind.battery (with sufficient effort and research of course) is a great idea! I do still think that a "nugget silo" would also be amazing. So for resources you collect a lot of you can input the storage and the silo just keeps track of a number displayed on the side. Need resource just attach a storage to the "output" and it fills it form the silo. The advantage here is the nuggets don't actually exist until you need them so less CPU to keep track of them. I know others have discussed but worth reminding here as well
  14. Beren99

    modular base

    I think this is great except I think we should be able to craft the "tube connectors" that currently link the base nodes. This way you could spread the nodes out if you just make enough links. This would also allow for linking solar arrays to deep cave bases and should allow for linking bases together. It would however keep the bases feeling like they were more "permanent" than the exploration tether links.
  15. I feel like the issue here is that there are two features people want that currently are mixed up as just hydrazine. I think the point of the condenser is to make travel back and forth within the solar system accessible. Although I personally would like to see that eventually a bit harder (why is it easier to fly to and from another planet 3x than it is to drive my truck 1/4 the way around Terran?). However, I understand it is designed the way it is to promoted exploration. Fine. The second issue is that people want a "renewable" resource that they can generate and then trade for. I am certain that this can be possible as the game advances, possibly within automation. The key here is to get the value right so it is worthwhile but not hugely valuable or game-breaking. This is why the trade hammer came down on Hydrazine. The key is that the end result needs to makes sense and be playable. Given that the Astrononeers posses a condenser tech that converts Nitrogen atmosphere to Hydrazine Rocket Fuel (??) why would there be any trade market for that fuel? We just need to a resource that can be generated but that is costly to generate (lots of power, digs up land perhaps) but which is in abundance on the planets being explored and thus has trade value. Ideas include: Silicon Metal (most average rocks are rich in silica), Water on Tundra, Lead on radiated (produced by many radioactive decay chains). These sorts of things can be produced "from the ground" but require a significant infrastructure and energy investment to produce. So we then have the "near-infinite" resource we can set up plants to produce, and trade them at a low but non-zero value (based on supply?). Yet hydrazine remains easy to produce, no trade value and we can fly around the solar system at whim. Bam Everybody happy...? **As a nerdy side note the condenser should definitely not work on Barren, probably not Radiated or Arid either (Little to No Nitrogen atmosphere)**