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  1. tonez_4466

    I wrote a song about Astroneer

    buy the game it helps also nice tunes dude
  2. tonez_4466

    New game

    I have been playing the game since January, I have seen the long road its taken to develop the game, and finally (tho not finished) its taking shape - well done you guys don't rush the rest of the game get it right - well done the team tony
  3. tonez_4466

    "The Excavation Update" - October 12th, 2017

    Definite +++ from me, its now feeling a bit more complete, still not played around enough to find any bugs, thanks SES
  4. tonez_4466

    Patch 190

    Patch 190 hit my steam this morning
  5. tonez_4466

    Done with game till vehicle has compass

    you are not reading all the answers
  6. As one person, I am finding the balancing kindof right, I don't want everything on my doorstep, i think we need to go other planets to get other research items. The tuning up that's happing is the right step. Lots of people are playing this obsessively 10/12/14 hours a day
  7. and that's why I like the new updates some people call it grind, I call it earn, make some effort
  8. tonez_4466

    Done with game till vehicle has compass

    years ago playing rise of triads my sister causally mentioned just go right you will find your way thro so I have adapted her go right theory and now pick a direction and use it
  9. tonez_4466

    Thanks for Turkish.

    Türk insanlar benim en sevdiğim insanlar, eşim bir Türk hanımefendi
  10. no its all random now
  11. tonez_4466

    Hydrazine explosion test

    I think dynamite is a bigger explosion than a tube of hydrozine make more dynamites if you want bigger
  12. tonez_4466

    Research workaround

    it will we are testing the game you and me
  13. tonez_4466


    dig deep
  14. tonez_4466

    Challenge: Demolition Man

    I still enjoy the credits
  15. I think the Game is finding a balance, its hard to get research items, not everything is near to hand. That is how it would be in real life (on an other planet) not everything is a click away. I like it, its beginning to feel like a proper game not a research all quick fest