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  1. Summary: 1. Game refuses to go into windowed mode, restarting the game (in windowed mode, through steam; and in windowed mode through the game itself) does not help anything. I'm trying to move it from the main monitor (monitor 1) to the secondary monitor (monitor2) but without a windowed mode to grab, it's stuck in an unfortunate place in my setup. 2. Vehicle bay is missing (tried in multiple new game files, but it does not appear in the possible items to build. Doesn't appear in either printers, and does not appear in the TAB screen. I can unlock vehicles, but not the vehicle bay.
  2. Ah, what I mean is, if it were high in the sky it would be better;; it sits very low to the horizon line, when I think of beacon, i think of something that can go into the sky really high! Do you mean, made it small on purpose?
  3. I love the idea that you can place beacons on the ground at certain points and whatnot and that the home site has an icon that floats in the sky, except that the icon sits low to the horizon, and gets lost behind land features like mountains very easily, and I sometimes because disoriented for in-life hours, trying to drive towards the direction I think home is in;;
  4. I'm using the Steam version of Astroneer on Windows 10 Surface Pro3. I've switched my moving directional keys from the "WASD" keys to the arrow keys. I don't use a separate mouse, only the touchpad on my laptop. I've noticed whether walking around or driving, my astronaut continually moves in a left direction, so I will always have to keep my hands on the forward and right keys to make him move in a straight line. There is also an issue where when sprinting: he will only turn left and sprint that way, so I haven't been able to sprint in a straight line (or at all, for that matter)