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    Cannot download and Install Astroneer from Windows 10 Store

    im not having so much a download problem as i am getting it to open. Ive installed and uninstalled a few times my self and figured hell ill just reinstall the whole system of windows 10. I still get the same damn message cant open this app. Dont know what caused it unless it was the update being it was playing fine before. only thing i change hardware wise was ram but it was to 32gb from 10gb. that screen capture is what i keep seeing. wheni try to open it.
  2. reko_remaru

    cant open app please see windows store for info

    and there is a play button to answer your other question lol
  3. reko_remaru

    cant open app please see windows store for info

    i keep trying to get the info it needs and even resetting the app and still i refuses to work at all.. honestly i have no clue what to do, all i did today was upgrade some ram and i don't think that would effect how the game plays.. :\ this is the info on my pc so i have no idea what the store wants..
  4. ok ive tried installing and uninstalling a few times now i keep getting this error it tells me to go to the windows store for information on astroneer, i really like this game but this error is really getting me angry what do i do?... i put in a screen shot of the error.