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  1. Yeah, like they're gonna go back and fix 0.6.8 Beta and put off working on 1.0. You should always start a new game for a new build.
  2. Why would this be a bug? You can place a Thruster in the research pod too, it also gives no Research points.
  3. Also, only the last 2 Saves are Saved, only way to have more is to copy the saves as they're created too another directory/Drive. I'm currently using the 3rd party app GoodSync to make copies as they're created. I just need to remember to purge the backup saves every time a new build comes out.
  4. While on Terrain, on the other side of the planet from where my Initial base is at found this item, first I just thought it was a corpse. As you can see, it's has No research points. Some Future tech?
  5. After I saved and posted the above, went back down and was able to mine out that resin in the ceiling.
  6. odd, I see no error. Other then it being built below ground. To fix the Landing IN the hole, move your Vehicle bay to a new area and upon landing the Shuttle/Space Craft well land at the New location.
  7. Found a section of ceiling that the terrain tool stops at the edge of where I want it too mine. The Resin node in the ceiling. just noticed after looking at the screen shot's it doesn't show where my Mouse cursor is pointing at as to where the terrain tool stops at. I'll run back to surface and enter the rover to get a updated save and add that.
  8. Later after I was mining in the tunnel, I knocked over a Tether, after picking up and placing the tether, the whole tether line went Black. (Good thing the rover wasn't too far away) Drove the Rover up to the tether line and it turned blue.
  9. I had the same thing sorta. ? Drove into a cave mouth from a side hole, placed some tethers and realized my rover was pointed the wrong way in the tunnel, drove out the main entrance, came back in and the previous placed tether's were still providing Air & Power. Here's a screen shot showing that the Rover isn't in range of the tethers leading deeper into the cave.
  10. After adding a Med Battery, I no longer have a power drain on the Med Rover's while doing research. In this picture the small Turbine was not turning and the sun is down, No organic resource's are on the two Small Generator's, the Med battery is at full charge, No Drainage while researching.
  11. ? I just did this on barren. But any sharp turns caused it to slip out of the socket/hatch.
  12. Having Exactly 200 bytes left, am unable to get Small wind Turbine which costs 200 Bytes. Guess it doesn't like Exact Change.
  13. Or a small trailer(only has 2 wheels and a Hitch-No Battery) that can ONLY be attached to the small Rover that can ONLY carry a single Research module or Anything that can attach to the 2 Port (Med Battery, Another Chair, Med Storage Module, etc).
  14. I agree, should be some sort of "CONFIRM" pop-up to cancel a research procedure. Nothing like a Storm approaching having the Research window open, Mouse Over the Habitat with the letter E being Shown and upon hitting E to enter Module, it instead Cancel's the Research Progress and you Then die from being Struck by a Storm flying block. Double Insult!!