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  1. Hello all! Somehow Large Platform C fell out of usage for me because it is not handy everytime make a run around the corner to look/grab whatever there on the arms, so here is the thought: what if arms of the Large Platform C could be manually rotated 120 degrees towards the front of the platform, same tech as medium storage expand/collapse mechanism. What do u think?
  2. So why to have forums then? For the checkbox? Nothing that happens here seems to affect the game.
  3. hee, communication with SES guys reminds me of conversation between blind and deaf: players: "what about multiplayer lags, crashes and saves corruption?" SES: "we have new hats!"
  4. Mio

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    hm well there is the saying "you cannot please everyone". I think in trying to please everyone Astroneer slowly losing it's original charm. But, this is just my opinion and I am just one player who plays the game, I felt like I need to voice it and I did. I am sure there are many ppl who don't like it. About being constructive... well, just have a look in suggestions forum, I am sure there are tons and tons constructive ideas which just slowly being lost to time. And since I do not feel like repeating same things I posted I just stopped. And if I will not be among "pleased" players for a long time I will just quietly disappear, it's np. Life is goes on, right?
  5. Mio

    Anual Rare Events

    hm funny to read this. Cos any wish to show off some superiority to others (playing longer, been there earlier, invested more etc) is a pride imho. And that "some newbie" sounds really not very good, what exactly makes new player lesser than a veteran? Okay, they discovered the game maybe not right away but this not makes them less. For me best solution would be just always have some means in the game to unlock locked suits, and let ppl decide which ones they like to unlock and do that at their own pace.
  6. hee true flat still exists I think, just have to be on the proper spot of the planet. You see, triangles cannot look good everywhere since planet is round, but on the equator, where flat is ideally 90 degrees to the vertical to the core... I think they going to be best aligned. It was like so even before release of terrain 2.0 but at that time player base always was spawning at that exact perfect spot. Still we had to find proper altitude and the angle in order to flat to reveal itself
  7. and there was many many creations at the beginning of the game, and ppl did not require any cheat mode for them to create. I honestly think we have now bit too much, too much of space shuttles, too much of platforms, too much of machines and now too much of everything. I remember the time where it was rover and truck and it was great! When we have too much it limits imagination.
  8. This was creative This is not mine ofc, I am just memory holder, but everytime I watch this I am in awe.
  9. Mio

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    +1001 for the whole post! This is exactly what I wanted to say, and thank you for your support, TOGG, means alot knowing I am not alone in this. And the love for the learning is so rare trait these days *cheers* :). In the modern gaming communities very loud and massive voices "oh! the game is too hard!" like noone wants to play anymore just to have, everything and now. All the games I played becoming easier and easier with every update. This why all the hand holding, all the quests telling where to go, what to do - not because devs want it so, because there is demand for it, selling the best... sad. So... thank you!
  10. Mio

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    If I will have to choose between crafting / discovery and creativity I am sure there will be some other game which will be able to combine these things in ONE game I just wish that would be Astroneer...
  11. Mio

    The Creative Update - November 15th, 2019

    hello all... *sigh* Well what to say, this is SO useless and disappointing I cannot even describe HOW. I was hoping creative update will let us be more creative in the game - maybe add more tools to work with voxels, or ability to craft voxels primitives or something!!! But no! The game didn't get even lod anchor for the ppl who want to actually play the game. Right... we have now useless mode - build away! But I want to ask everyone and devs: how satisfactory u think this building will be in a long term when we do not need even lift a finger or go anywhere to get everything? What about exploration? Right... u know, I didn't get any update. Cos I surely not gonna play the useless mode - that is NOT the game. In fact, I am not going to play at all until I get the ability to research and craft lod anchor, endless fly anchor and creative gun (without cheats like endless soil or colour palette) IN THE GAME. Sorry about all the frustration in the post, I just had to let devs know... in case devs even read this... cya!
  12. Mio

    Special Filter Slot for Silos

    +1! been discussing same thing in the resources sorting machine topic
  13. Was there an argument? what I was saying that creative mode basically destroying normal mode (if u do not like survival, lets not use it, I am also surviving no problem ). There will be no satisfaction in building and creating using all the things from catalogue on demand if we didn't play the game to acquire them. Like ppl said in the other post, shine of the game will fade. But, thankfully the thing is optional and not have to be used Nothing to worry about.
  14. Mio

    Collecting Soil QUickly

    Anytime Glad I could help. Alot of organic means alot of fireworks! Can setup a show or really blow something with dynamite hehe Resin resin... resin really goes for me for small round platforms, I am using them everywhere for cablework or small tables - medium storages also resin, and and and oxygen filters! (this one essential decorative item). Compound hm, alot of crafts asking for plastic - which is compound+carbon (smelted organic) so I think it will be used in time, or can make large printers and throw them into shredder
  15. Hello all I remembered old shuttles today and I was thinking would be great to change hydrazine jetpack to work like that: instead of having hydrazine canister stick to the jetpack, what if jetpack would have some sort of hydrazine tank, which can be filled with hydrazine canisters while on the ground. It would fit 2 hydrazine canisters. This way we would not need to carry with us extra canister "just in case" but will be able to refill the jetpack tank when below 50%. What u think?
  16. Mio

    habitats, what are they good for?

    there already been an idea about small habitat from me - make it work like a landing pad, and make collapsed version of it fit on t2 slot of a vehicle, then it'll be a thing, otherwise scrapyard decoration
  17. Mio

    habitats, what are they good for?

    Why tethers being so much a thing? I am using 2 stacks of them to start the game, then picking those up and it decorates my scrap yard for the rest of the game And habitats - building only big one and only in multiplayer for respawn reasons in case someone took the shuttle
  18. I do not think creative and survival is not much different. With ability to spawn resources and all items, to not be needing oxygen or power or roads it renders normal gameplay obsolete, like who needs to go anywhere anymore And colour picker while is all good can pick only colours around, cannot really make a step to the other planet and pick a colour from underground there, right? So I do prefer my terrain analyzers I think 😃 Eh, I think I would pretty much prefer something like lod anchor but for endless flying in certain area, and do the effort for building it instead of ruin whole game for creative mode.
  19. I will never ever watch any streams in the morning anymore... this just ruined my whole day, or a week... I thought: this time, this time it will be it now! but yeah... think I am moving to the camp "never believe anyone and u will be pleasantly surprised... very seldom..." *super sad kitty just turned around and went into the darkness*
  20. Mio

    Home Planet

    https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/File:Astroneer_System_Map.jpg until we get terraforming abilities, Calidor wins! But, maybe exactly thick poison cloud making Atrox still have life, remove that and planet will surely burn I think.
  21. Mio

    The Phantom terrain bug

    Just a week and a bit until promised land dedicated servers - we cannot wait already! my newest base has floating stones all around for the client and my carefully made natural cave descent is totally blocked And client player constantly dying on ghost textures, ugh. And I saw once driving on a thin air! Miracles happen all the time.
  22. Try to blow it with dynamite? I'm not exactly sure how satelite itself would react on that...
  23. thanks! I just tested it with 2 small canisters - it works beautifully