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  1. Mio

    road building drill

    this please! I always thought that drill should have a mod slots, same as terrain tool. So actually putting there alignment mod would do the trick
  2. hello all @EstebanLB01 just yesterday me and my family discussed how useless field shelter is as it is now and how we should make a post about it , so... very +1! I thought... even if to make it work like a landing pad would actually make it more field shelter. But ideally ofc would be an option to collapse it into something fitting on the vehicle.
  3. well, since multiplayer is just a single player with guests, I see no difference plus everytime I enter vehicle, habitat or shuttle I see green button "game saved" on my screen and feel considerable lag - I guess there IS save game in multiplayer.
  4. +1001! save game is such a stress, too many times one in multiplayer starts digging and other enters the vehicle and voila! u're riding the space truck!.. or game crashes... or freezes 5 minutes...
  5. Mio

    creative mode

    hello, @shadowolfprince and welcome to the forums! There gonna be creative update somewhere in November, I hope that will be the thing you are looking for.
  6. Atrox, actually, radiated planet being one closest to the sun. https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/File:Astroneer_System_Map.jpg
  7. Mio

    New object suggestions

    can we also have electric jetpack then too?
  8. Mio

    Tesla Coil?

    +1001! I think I had similar idea somewhere in other thread but I totally forgot that it IS actually a Tesla Coil I always mourn the loss of his brilliant mind and his work, I imagine with his ideas we could be irl where we are not in Astroneer.
  9. strange even if I dig down with vehicle, (not to make it fast, more to make it straight ) it never kills my interest to explore lower levels or deep caves which always different, and those flowers! whoa and lost underground cities, fancy artifacts. Maybe imagining some other goals than just drop down/unlock the core/leave would help?
  10. Mio

    time to rage quit

    well, first time when I came to Atrox I was afraid to make even a step everything was so suspicious. And description said "treacherous grounds" which make me walk only those black ridges which looked safe enough hehe. And I was smashing everything even harmless flora because I didn't know what are those and experimenting with the shuttle just behind me was not a good idea. It was actually fun, to land on completely unknown for the first time. And even it is very sad to lose a shuttle with so many goodies, it is an experience which would make me try again but be more cautious. Actually after reading a post title I thought shuttle fell thru textures or some other bug, that be a reason for rage quitting, but being blown up by hostile flora is surely not
  11. hello all With all new shiny storages and me using large rovers I cannot see amynore where I am going and I thought - would be great to be able to switch to to the first person view when inside the cabin. What do you think?
  12. Mio

    Overhyped Wanderer update

    hello, folks I do not want to praise wanderer update or things like summer ball hehe, I also want more conceptual changes for the game. But just to remind a little that game is the sandbox - there is no such thing as "endgame" here, our imagination is our endgame. As for me I will find a usage even for the zebra balls and summer balls and hoop platforms and probes just imagining some other purpose for those
  13. space suit handling the weight so 8 more slots will be good! please?
  14. Mio

    Fauna drill mod

    o! love this, thank u! +1 I was thinking since by destroying flora we get organic, the mod... umm... seeder mod? should work from organic in the backpack. And since we have already inhibitor mod which gathering organic without deforming a surface, it would be easy to make just opposite thing - covering surface with flora without deforming a surface. I was also thinking would be great to have different many types of organic specific to biomes it was gathered from.