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  1. Mio

    The Lunar Update - July 18th, 2019

    this please, we're waiting for this to be fixed for very long time now, on advanced planets it really makes impossible to play together.
  2. Mio

    How to find old-timer Astroneers.

    ooooo, this! I cannot build anymore, voxels never behaving like I want them to and now it's more like modeling than a building. Maybe we can have some building elements like columns, walls, corners, blocks... etc? Or something a la EQ Landmark?
  3. Mio

    Hotfix 1.1.3 - May 23rd, 2019

    Hello all Played this time on the client machine in multiplayer (steam/pc) - fps around 20 comparing to host machine's 60 and sometimes dropping to 12-13. Gameplay generally sluggish with freezes. And this was just a fresh start on Sylva with all the tethers removed and two players playing. Really really now waiting for dedicated server please
  4. hello here in cave (Sylva) was flattering some road when it popped up and swallowed me!!! client machine in multiplayer still has this issue of returning parts of excavated voxels or whole areas of them.
  5. Mio

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    I am sure they working, hopefully on dedicated server we really want to be able finally play together cos game is one of the outstanding. atm I am using "-nosound" cmd line key, but it is like half game, I am used to rely on sounds of the game alot
  6. Mio

    Update 1.1.2 - May 10, 2019

    hello I have here pc/steam version and it is rather unplayable: game dies (became "not responding" in task manager) first few minutes of gameplay, sometimes even on loading, once even on game starting. I do not mind so much bugz in game but it is very hard to enjoy all these shiny new toys when I cannot play the game can we pretty please have little fix of this anywhere soon?
  7. Mio

    Tutorial Feedback

    When tutorial ask me to open a catalog, press F1 or open a backpack... I cannot do any other actions like unpacking platform or examine a research station - this is quite confusing, I do not think it is nice to lock things like that.
  8. Mio

    Tutorial Feedback

    hello tutorial club and all my few moments was: 1. thin font of the hints is hardly readable, especially from distance. 2. I do think also it is little bit more hand holding than needed. For example: instead of controlling player every step I would rather have tooltip above the objects on what can u do with them - like the gun always have to have option to pick it up, not only after I loot unfortunate fellow. 3. Hints like open catalog, equip the gun or dig the terran I would rather put on the side of the screen as a suggestions of what player able do now rather than the order to do it right away, and remove them from there as soon as player do that action. 4. I would rather have F1 option always on screen in case of player don't know what to do next rather than telling the player when to press F1 and read about something. 5. I think also would be nice to have dig/smelt resources part in the tutorial and build enclosed seat. Would feel more spaceship-like. Also shuttle sits there full with hydrazine, I would throw canisters with hydrazine around and make player collect them and fill the shuttle, would be more interesting, I think. Generally it feels very nice for anyone to be able to figure out something on their own or discover something, removing such possibility from the players is removing their willing to learn, to try things, to explore. I think tutorial have to encourage exploration and try-n-error first and have a possibility to have a hint and a help second.
  9. Mio

    Impacting ecosystem

    joining the club hey all! +1 on the idea! I had similar thoughts that would be great to have some end-game big goals, like this, terraforming, making the planet more green (farming?), creating lakes, making atmosphere breathable (climate control towers?).
  10. Mio


    hello all I keep rolling for the perfect planet, takes loooong time... Last thing we did today was to try and build small mini-base, grab the mini-starter kit and go and try to find nicer place on the planet which is more beautiful than LZ. Result - planet is all the same. There is no really nicer places, all the landscape all over the planet pretty much similar, makes me sad. I thought would be great to have biomes: like forests, desert, sea, mountans (different ones). That would also help with navigation, probably? Because I was finding starting base only by going all around the planet until I find it
  11. Mio - Steam - Steering Glitch

    hello all This one feature, let's say, gives me trouble. I am using absolute steering and pressing left or right in this mode not moving the vehicle at all, and pressing both forward and turn buttons gives such a horrible turn radius that vehicle needs whole central square to rotate. I understand it is kind of realistic and I can rotate it using ( forawd-turn / backward-turnOpposite - repeat ) technology, but for that is not enough full vehicle battery. And this will only works for single vehicle, since I am usually using 2xTruck train steering becomes absolute nightmare. In the narrov deep cave tunnel I cannot rotate the thing at all. Please, pretty please with the cherry on top - can we have old size turn radius back? I do not like it realistic.
  12. When placing a seat u can use "context left/right" buttons to rotate it. Same thing works for medium storages. Discovered that not right away too
  13. Hello all This one is funny: while exploring deep caves on Tera, second (green) layer, I very often have artifacts (research boxes) falling from the ceiling on my head. Handy ofc, but not supposed to? Sometimes is not happening right where I am but I can find them just lying on the floor (not burried or half-burried). Observed through several playgrounds. win7 x64.
  14. Mio

    Rover Single Seat bug

    Hello all +1 here. I always need to put my open-1-seat away and put it back in place in order to get back in. Sometimes several times. Sometimes from different angle, when previous step is not working. Though, I noticed that this starting to happen when I make rovers' train. Did not happen with single rover. I tried to use different seats: found, made by printer, made by vehicle bay - no differences in behaviour was found. [ - win7 x64 - steam - pc]
  15. forgot here too: - win7 x64 - steam - pc