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    sound adjusting

    oh and by the way it's on steam
  2. demscout

    sound adjusting

    I try to adjust the volume of the game but there is no way as seen in this clip here. I would like to use it because I listen to playlist that I sometimes prefer over the in-game music ASTRONEER (Game Preview) 22-4-2017 18_18_12.mp4
  3. demscout

    planet misplacement

    I saw this when I loaded one of my worlds. I was playing offline. It wasn't like this before. Pretty weird bug. It ruins the sky when the planet flies by but when I fly towards it it turns back to normal. dadadada.mp4
  4. demscout

    other player?

    Darn I thought I found someone else. Would be cool tough but also dangerous
  5. demscout

    other player?

    I found a backpack from an orange astroneer. Is it dropped from another real player who suffocated or is it just randomly generated? 2017-02-20 21-33-38.mp4
  6. demscout


    the sliding mechanic should stay in the game. Hoverboards is a cool idea yes but I think it would be cooler if you had skii's or just leave it like this.
  7. demscout

    sliding glitch

    Hey I found a little bug/glitch that's pretty cool and useful to me! I think it would be fun to keep this in the game but I can already see people find this game breaking. It's a fun glitch tough, really useful in my opinion. by the way I didn't know where to put this thread so decided to put it here. 2017-02-20 12-47-10.mp4