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  1. Nathan Richard Whitehouse

    Tutorial Feedback

    Here's my feed Back: 1) the tutorial doesn't go over collecting and processing minerals I feel that new players will get in the game and not now what to do (much like my first time) 2) It doesn't go over where and how to find research. 3) it would be cool if that world could become your save. 4) a cutscene explaining what happened would be cool 5) also I like the idea of you dying and not only having to go get your stuff back but also a new terrain tool (either by crafting it or finding on scattered throughout the world) same with the O2 tank overall the tutorial didn't feel too much like it was holding my hand. I still think that achievments are a better option but hey this works with Astroneer.
  2. Nathan Richard Whitehouse

    Canister idea

    For those who don't really want to have 10 Canisters in there inventory.
  3. Nathan Richard Whitehouse

    Canister idea

    You guys should total add the abilty to print a canister that can go on a truck or on a platform.
  4. Nathan Richard Whitehouse

    Astro Royale Update: April 1, 2019

    So is the next update the farming update... I may reading to much into this but all those "voice actors" have something in common and its not space... that is all I am going to say
  5. Nathan Richard Whitehouse

    The Power Cells Break the game

    So with the latest update for (windows edition) the power cells are broken as hell. For example if you put one on your truck its unlimited Power same with the base. I don't know if this related to the known issue with the power Nugs and batteries
  6. Nathan Richard Whitehouse

    Structure not attached to base

    I am new to post on any forum. So I am not quite sure how to structure this post. That being said, I would like to report a bug. I have no idea what caused this to happen but my second vehicle bay isn't attached to the base and is thus not getting any power. -Sincerely, N00B_887