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  1. If anything, I personally think such an emergency beacon should be restricted for what you mentioned as another player coming to help. Having a drone take you back to your main base would be a bit superfluous, and defeat the possibility of getting stuck on a planet due to miscalculation or improper planning.
  2. So what you're suggesting is basically a more customizable living space for the Astroneer?
  3. The filter, like the power cell, is essentially an emergency-only item. The filters work when you have 0% oxygen. Yes, you should prioritize making rechargeable batteries over power cells, but they're meant only to be used in a pinch.
  4. One option might be to have a "handbook" of sorts, one that can provide both tutorial-like help to new players as well as these descriptions. Naturally, a craftable thing shouldn't appear in the handbook until it's researched, but if your character can craft it after researching, why wouldn't they have recorded the recipe or schematics somewhere?
  5. While there is that vignette that comes up, I really do agree that there needs to be some sort of visible health bar. Right on the backpack would look good.
  6. I agree with this. The current system works well and isn't terribly hampering.
  7. Technically, don't the dust storms provide wind, which charges wind turbines and electricity? It might be fun to catch some of the rocks being blown about, but really, I think they're just ordinary rocks. Perhaps there could be some compound or resin that it kicks up, and maybe even erodes some surface features so it knocks whatever resources are found in surface deposits around? Other than that I think they're mostly just an obstacle/charging turbines.
  8. I'm getting an error accessing it. Are there enough ideas you can't post/copy them to your thread?
  9. What do you mean by this? The drill head is used to attach to the crane, which is mounted on a truck.... Pretty much exactly what your suggestion is. Do you mean to mount them on the front of vehicle to bore tunnels, or what?
  10. I do agree that an actual bar would be a nice way to keep track of health, just mount it on the backpack somewhere.
  11. Being able to "ping" resource deposits underground would be a great idea. Except for physically seeing evidence of them, I haven't found any otherwise.
  12. I would be much happier if guns were excluded, the shield generator idea is nice. I've seen it once or twice for various things, such as protecting bases from dust storms.
  13. Well, around this time, System Era is sort of in the middle of a big office move. They don't really have the time just now to add new content, but of course it's planned for the coming weeks and months when they get new staff members as well.
  14. Funnily enough, I actually made a thread about what potential lore Astroneer could have. That's actually a really amazing discovery, hopefully one day we'll all be able to charter flights out to these planets to try and settle on them!
  15. Yes, I'm on PC. That could definitely explain it, even though I do actually experience stuff falling off the specific slots on rovers you mention, I'm assuming in my case it's actually bumping the rover into structures or rocks that causes it.