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  1. Meant to say Beta (EXO Flight Test) are using the earlier version.
  2. You should tell Steam users who previously set their client to use the Beta (EXO Flight Test) that they are not using the earlier version, rather than the Wanderer update, even though the main menu message of the day says they are. Or update the Beta build at least to match the current production build. As a returning player not paying attention to the newer content, I was oblivious to the fact I didn't have glow sticks. (pointing out the important facts!) :-) Regards Easy
  3. Placed four fuel canisters on a medium platform. When it came to take them off, the two inner canisters cannot be selected so are stuck on the platform. PC Steam Mouse, keyboard Version 0.9.0
  4. Summary: 158 - Steam - Using organic generator on vehicle or platform stops charging from other sources Description: Partially charged or flat platform or Vehicle with wind vane or small solar attached through network. Connect small generator to it, add organic. Once organic is consumed, it stops charging from other power sources still connected via network. Removing the generator does nothing. Removing and reconnecting the wind vane or small solar will start it charging again. This behaviour was observed on Terran. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
  5. Yes I have played Half-Life. There is a reason I'm as far away as possible from it.
  6. Found a living creature on the Barren moon. Moving constantly, well squirming. Looked like it was trying to lure something over to eat. I declined its offer.
  7. On Steam Build 125. New game started for this build. Printed Crane on truck that already has storage and 1 seat. Instead of printing on the 4 free slots on the storage it shared the space with the storage initially then shifted forward to share with the seat when I used it. Still seems to work though.