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    Tutorial: Flatten Tool

    Very handy template you made. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Exactly, thanks for confirming. I'm managing the cursor by using WASD for now...
  3. Hi, I'm a fan of this game first time writing to the forum. English is not my main language so I apologize for my rubbishy word choice or grammar in advance. Recently I have found my terrain tool cursor moves weirdly on soils of different planets (like Radiated / Tundra) than Terran. The cursor is jumpy - or picky while flattening mode. It snaps to nearby ground polygons unexpectedly while I drag cursors around to make flat surface. It happens on ground mostly, not sure on walls or ceilings. On planet Terran it works fine. I can make perfect flat surfaces on Terran. - Finding wind power source - Fun time with Big useless frame eating cube - First astro-cube in my life ... But when I go to Radiated or Tundra, it gets really hard to pat ground or make it flat because the terrain tools works so picky. Moves are bad at Tundra, worst at Radiated. (I will provide a clip of it if asked.) So the question is : this weird reaction of cursor is intended (for diversity of planets' soil) or just a bug, or combined? I see there are different gravity and grips of ground when you run or drive. And I know the terrain tool goes nuts when dragged onto my head/feet while patting, I'm okay with that. But this jumpy terrain tool is driving me jumpy too (After 2 weeks of the game I'm kinda addicted to super-flatness ). Are there diverse density of soil which can effect terrain tool in this game? And one more thing, I'd changed FOV setting before leaving Terran (new save since patch 125), could it do something to this tool issue somehow? Anyway Thanks for the great game dev team and I wish astroneers around the world have fun.