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  1. Suggestion: Let us be able to swap the canisters in the hydrazine jet pack regardless of how much fuel has been used. Scenario: I've just landed on planet X. I have only 2 hydrazine canisters with me - one is on the rocket and is almost full; the other one is in my jet pack and is almost depleted. I know that what's left in the latter canister is more than enough for a return trip. I also know that the lesser amount of fuel won't suffice for proper exploration and gathering of whatever I came here for. I want to swap the hydrazine from my jet pack with the one that's on the rocket but I can't because jet pack canisters are immovable.
  2. Forgot to add system information. Here it is: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version 1709 build 16299.785 Gaming platform: Steam
  3. Just wanted to report some achievement-related bugs me and a couple of friends found while playing version [ACH] "Barrier Buster" is not awarded to players who have fulfilled the requirements [ACH] "Delve Greedily and Deep" is not awarded to players who have fulfilled the requirements [ACH] "Resources in the Rough" is not awarded to players who have fulfilled the requirements [ACH] "Journey to the Center of the Thing" is not awarded to players who have fulfilled the requirements Attached is a screenshot of a visit to Sylva's core during a multiplayer session. I can also provide video footage of the triptych event if need be. In addition, we experienced the following negative side effects in relation to the teleportation mechanic: [BUG] Player dies of suffocation while standing at a monolith site, although active tethers are present and seem to be working. [BUG] Player dies of fall damage after teleporting from one monolith site to another. Monolith type (surface vs. core) is irrelevant. [BUG] Player appears inside the hull of the Exo Dynamics space station after completing a triptych event, teleporting from the planet core to any other surface monolith, then teleporting back to the core. Bug occurs during the last teleport attempt (surface to core). Once the player ends up inside the EDSS, they can only rotate their camera but not move. A crash occurs shortly after, disconnecting the paralysed player from the current multiplayer session. From that point onward, the affected player's character model is always loaded inside the EDSS every time they rejoin the same session, rendering it unplayable for them ⇒ game over. So far, this has been observed only on Sylva and by a non-host player.
  4. Despite the recent major research update, audio settings and controls mapping still wipe out every time the game is closed and restarted. It would be a nice quality-of-life improvement if that did not happen. It'd also make life easier for bug hunters because we have to restart often. Is there a particular technical impediment that causes this to be an outstanding issue for such a long time? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v. 1703 Build 15063.726 CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 1080 @ 1670MHz RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 4x4GB DDR4 @ 2133MHz Drive: Corsair Force 3 SSD 111GB
  5. Avanglion

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Such a wonderful holiday present for the players. Indeed, the UI needs a couple of tweaks for better readability and usability but, overall, this is a brilliant update. Congratulations on Alpha and a huge THANK YOU for the SES team for keeping up the great work! Astroneer is one of the few games on the market theses days that gives me the thrills of pleasant anticipation on what the future has in store for us. It inspires me more and more each time I start the game. Trully, a product made by intelligent people, with rich fantasy and a strong sense for science fiction for the very same type of people to enjoy.
  6. Avanglion

    System Era is hiring!

    Greetings, Though it's not currently listed on https://systemera.net/jobs/, I'm still going to offer my services anyway. I am willing to do meticulous QA tests on various aspects of the game if the team will have me. Previous experience with Autodesk 3D Studio Max and AutoCAD, MS Visual Studio - Express 2005 and Community 2015, Adobe Photoshop CS2. Participated in alpha and beta testing for a dozen game titles in the last 10 years, most notably Mass Effect 2 and Path of Exile. Note that I have not worked with contemporary automated testing tools. I have always communicated with developers and artists via e-mail and in live conference calls. I am in the GMT time zone but have no problem covering EST working hours completely and half of the PST workday as well. 36,000 hours of playtime in multiple genres since 1998 (respectively multiple platforms and game engines in existence since then) and counting. Bachelor in Economics so I can also potentially help with the in-game trade system, resource management, value balancing for current and new resources etc. Last but not least - a huge passion for Astoneer and its future. Take this as a basic introduction. If there is any interest from the team at all, I will provide more personal details and contact information. Godspeed! Avanglion
  7. The ability to save custom objects as recipes and produce them later at the Printer. Of course some rules are in order: - objects need to be relatively simple 3D shapes (cuboids and other special case parallelepipeds, L-shapes, T-shapes, I-shapes/beams, flat tiles etc.) - maximum allowed size in all directions from the origin point (ergo the total volume of the finished figure) is limited to the working surface of the Printer - in order to be usable at all after printing, the object must have certain spots on its surface designated as contact points before the recipe is saved. Later, those contact points will be used to combine multiple simpler objects into more complex construct. Similarly, at least four of the object's sides must be denoted as "top", "bottom", "front" and "back" if it is to be rotated automatically to the desired orientation as soon as it is picked up from under the Printer nozzle. In rare cases, where the shape is very specific, a fifth side - "left" or "right" (dev choice) - may need to be labelled as well. The sixth side is inferred by the previous five. - a separate brand new type of platform or some kind of non-destructible surface may be needed during object creation. Without such surface it is hard to tell where the custom object ends and the ground starts - resource requirements for printing custom objects at the printer are determined by object size and complexity - if keeping too many custom objects in memory poses a problem for the game engine, then there must be a limit to the total number of recipes that can be saved In addition, it may be necessary to either allow players to change the size of the deform tool reticle OR tell the game in what scale the new object should be saved (e.g. it is relatively easy to make a cube with the current default reticle size but it is too big for the Printer; on the other hand a 1:4 version of said cube will fit nicely on top of the Printer but it can't be created unless the reticle is reduced in size as well). Spatial rotation will be an even greater addition but this may prove too much of a headache at this stage of development, especially if implemented alongside the idea for labelling object sides. Not to forget the endless list of player requests. What are the benefits of such an implementation? Primarily, a huge time saver in the long run. The forum is filled to the brim with discussions about flattening ground by hand, building walls, ramps, garages for vehicles and what not. Why start from scratch every time when you can have pre-made building blocks? With a couple of bricks, beams and tiles at hand, each consecutive base will be easier to build and organize. Then come aesthetics and of course the feeling of accomplishment after polishing the perfect tile for an hour.
  8. Avanglion

    Hose crafting

    We should be able to craft hoses using compound, similar to the way we build tethers. Length, positioning and orientation may even use the same/similar code as the one for tethers too. Connecting special objects to our base using trucks can be rather frustrating and seems illogical under certain circumstances. On the one hand - advanced technologies allowing us to build a spaceship from the ground up (literally). On the other - dragging back home a huge solar panel just like a neanderthal drags his prey to the cave. These two just don't fit. Using hoses is the way of the practical astroneer.
  9. Avanglion

    Cannot attach 6 platforms to habitat

    Thank you for the swift reply! I will follow your suggestion. Alas, I was not able to add a warning on the corresponding Wiki page due to limited permissions. Hopefully an administrator will do so.
  10. Circumstances: Started playing the other day. Still working on expanding my first habitat. I had 4 platforms linked to the pod so far and upgraded to large platforms with the following modules: Research, Smelter, Printer, Fuel Condenser. Built in this order too. Was very excited to add Vehicle Bay and Trade Platform as well until I realized I couldn't. The pod does not show any available connection points any more, with or without resin in hands/backpack. Wiki says that a total of six platforms can be built off one habitat (http://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Platform; http://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Large_Platform). Not sure if this is a true bug or simply due to the layout of my base. Currently, each of the four platforms is located at a 90 degrees angle from its neighbours, making the whole configuration appear as a cross. (see attached pictures) Also, all buildings are surrounded by rock, some of which is "natural" while the rest I added myself to shield me from storm debris. Seeing how the floor got flattened a bit and some nearby rocks were destroyed automatically to make room when I first started to expand, I surmised similar adjustments will occur if I try to move to 5-way and consecutively 6-way layout for the base. They did not. Destroying the rocks around the structures does not help either. Platform: PC, Windows 10 64-bit, Mouse & keyboard, Steam, intel i7 CPU and nVidia GPU all with latest drivers/software updates.
  11. Circumstances: Still working on destroying a small-sized mountain / big hill to see what it's made of. Managed to remove one third of the thing, starting from the top, before going to bed yesterday. Loading the save again this morning, I was able to see the removed part back in place. Only it was not really there. Getting closer to the formation made the resurrected mountaintop disappear proving that only the visual effect is persisting at a very specific distance. The hill is situated 18 tethers away from my home base in a straight line (a tether being the maximum distance one tether pylon can be placed away from the next one without severing the connection). The effect does not appear immediately after loading the save but rather on approach, near the 13th and 14th tether The effect can be reproduced by exiting to the main menu of the game then loading the save again. Platform: PC, Windows 10 64-bit, Mouse & keyboard, Steam, intel i7 CPU and nVidia GPU all with latest drivers/software updates. Playing at 1920x1080 resolution, fullscreen, with VSync off.
  12. Circumstances: Leveling down a mountain to see what's inside. There is a big marble-like chunk of rock near the top which stayed in the air after I removed all terrain around it. Tried using the deform tool all over the boulder itself just in case there's some tiny speck of dust left holding it in place. No success. There seems to be an invisible mesh around some of the edges of the rock which prevents me to use the deform tool on them. Platform: PC, Windows 10 64-bit, Mouse & keyboard, Steam, intel i7 CPU and nVidia GPU all with latest drivers/software updates.