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  1. Found a pretty game ruining bug. I was in orbit of a planet (Radiated). I noticed that I suddenly couldn't select any planets that I could click on since they were close in orbit. However since I couldn't selected any of the nearby planets with the blue ring, I closed the game while in orbit of a planet. I reload my game and suddenly I'm stuck on a smaller model of the planet with the blue ring still circling around it. I can exit my space ship and go back in it but I can't launch off this weird state of the planet since its counting me as still being in orbit. I'm basically stuck forever. I tried reloading again but no luck. While stuck in this mode, I can open my backpack, climb in and out of my ship, move around, dig etc, but I can't remove any items off my persons or the ship. I'm playing through Steam. I'm using a trackball mouse and a Genius keyboard. Here's a screenshot of the bugged state.