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  1. So, from the start, I've really enjoyed Astroneer, even though at times progress has been slow and boring at times, I've stuck with it. This fear crossed my mind from the start. Originally, I assumed that since the game was focusing on being there for you wherever you play, that the focus of GUI and general game-play would be balanced across PC and Xbox One. In the past two updates, I've become increasingly disappointed that this has not been the case. Let's be honest, controller gameplay wasn't perfect from the jump, but it was to get better. To an extent, it has. But I feel that this has led to PC getting prioritized in development. This idea is solidified in the fact that the devs keep making GUI designs that are based around tiny text, perfectly well seen on a PC display, but impossible to see on a TV from a distance. This has led me to have very little interest in playing the game, since I don't want to leave the couch to go sit 5 inches from the TV. I really think this is a great game, and I do enjoy it. But poor GUI design has been the downfall for me. I hope it improves.
  2. Mike Brocaglia

    XB1 - Rover/Truck can't attach umbilical to base

    Yeah, you can even make the video private and post the link into the forum and we can still see it. It's all good. I've also had the problem with rover not attaching. I'll have to check it for the latest patch released today.
  3. Mike Brocaglia

    Repetitive crashing

    Hi, I'm having some really bad problems. At almost exactly a 30 minute interval, the game crashes. It seems that it only happens when I'm getting into a truck, but I've spending most of my time in my truck so I can't be sure. https://youtu.be/dX3LnbDOHnE
  4. I've been having the same problem with just about everything power-centric. Xbox one S/131
  5. Mike Brocaglia

    Research pods

    That makes sense. Thanks!
  6. Mike Brocaglia

    [Merged] Stuck In Platform/Node/Base Terrain

    I had a rover train attached together carrying research. It got stuck in odd terrain, which I did not notice. When I tried to get out, I fell through into the cave. I then immediately glitched into another cave near my base upon respawn. Long story short, I had a bad day. https://youtu.be/FgC1C_3Ire8 (Xbox One Game Preview. Patch version '131'. Created a new save with the new patch.)
  7. Mike Brocaglia

    Feedback: Playing with a controller

    The only improvements could be; Press L3 once or twice to sprint. Make R3's camera control more precise. Give bumpers more use. For example, while near a base module or in your backpack, they could filter through the crafting options. I've also noticed B is not mapped to do anything. Not sure what I could do, however... Perhaps you could press B instead of X to put away your terrain tool?
  8. Mike Brocaglia

    Feedback: Playing with a controller

    I really think that's the ideal solution... At least remap sprint, that's a terrible position for it to be placed.
  9. Mike Brocaglia

    Storm Suggestion

    Yeah. I've been wanting specialized "armor", this would be a nice use for such a thing.
  10. Mike Brocaglia

    Carrying research blocks.

    They don't have to change how it is carried. I'd just like it to follow you without you having to adjust the camera. E.g. I was carrying one through a small cave tunnel. Inside the tunnel was one of those white arm-y squiggly things (we really need a name for those things, too) in order to get through, I had to move in all sorts of unnatural ways, and do it 7 or 8 more times. It'd be nice if it followed you, much less frustrating.
  11. Mike Brocaglia

    Give me a compass

    It's there. I'm on Xbox One and just used it today. Hold left trigger and highlight your astroneer. A compass displays at his feet. I don't suggest exploring too far from the base until you can create another habitat.
  12. Mike Brocaglia

    Research pods

    If this has been fixed in patch "131", please excuse me as I am yet to create a world in the patch, but it seems that all of the research I open only gives out resources. I found a cave with 30+ research pods (I'm not kidding, 30+) right near each other, I made a "research train" (a bunch of rovers connected to a truck) and brought them back. One by one, they all game me copper, compound, etc. no new items... I've been playing the save for a while and am pretty low on progress. Any ideas?
  13. Mike Brocaglia

    Truck driving mechanics

    I just started using my truck/rover more often. I like the controls, but I think it could either move just a bit slower or simply stop flipping after hitting a pebble...
  14. Mike Brocaglia

    separate branch for xb 1 users?

    I think I get where you're coming from. There needs to be a topic for XB1 users to use. It will get confusing in the future when more features get added. (And when SES shows partiality toward PC edition... Don't worry, most devs do it.)
  15. Mike Brocaglia

    Crazy idea?

    Absolutely. I would love something to speed up cave exploration. I would like 1 storage spot. Enough to carry a research pod.