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  1. Hello guys, first of all forgive me about my bad spelling but my main language is not english... Going back to the topic i would like to suggest to the team to create a system where you can Level Up your player ( For example: if i take a few minerals i can improve my extraction skills so i can extract more efficient or w/e ), resistance, endure more time without oxygen, basically a menu where you can upgrade your abilities while performing them... for example if i run for a long time i will be improving my running speed so after a few hours of running around i will be able to run faster... That's my first suggestion. My second suggestion would be to make different weathers... in my first hours playing ASTRONEER i was seriously surprised that we had a rock's storm it was a great experience! i seriously like to build stuff to protect ourselves. I don't know if this is in your TODO List for future updates but it would be really nice to have like magnetic barriers ( like a dome ) with low opacity and passable by users / cars but not weather stuff so each time there's a rock storm you just run into your base and stay protected with this magnetic barrier... ( of course you will have to repair this barrier after a while ... ) My third suggestion would be to implement some sort of Aliens... i know i know... this might take a while but it would be awesome to have alot of team mates fighting aliens to protect our facilities with automatic turrets, railgun and futuristic stuff Let me know what you think about this ideas! Thanks for your time, BOT Uriel