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    This feature already exists. Holding [Alt] adds terrain, and holding [Ctrl] flattens it.
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    Do items despawn?

    I'm pretty sure that most objects that are affected by gravity (i.e. resource stacks, vehicles - excluding the shuttle and spaceship - and storage) will glitch into the ground when the player gets too far away from them. This is most likely the reason for trucks and rovers to pop out of the ground when the player comes back to base, and for resource stacks disappearing. I have had all of my trucks and rovers gone as if they no longer exist when I came back from another planet.
  3. Yes, but more in the ASTRONEER texture theme, possibly with some kind of way to tell that it is a player created cable. P.S. what game is that?
  4. I think that SES should add power cables cables to ASTRONEER because there is no good, easy way to connect base modules and solar panels without using lots of resin platforms. They would look similar to the current cables that connect modules to the habitat, but the player would be able to connect them to anything within range. I had this idea while I was watching one of Biffa's videos, he was trying to attach the huge solar panel to his base, and he had to use 8 to 11 resin platforms and a rover just to hook it up. To use this item you would simple print it with 2 Resin, select a cable port(like the ones on the front of modules) and select another port somewhere else to connect a power cable. If you have any questions, reply to this post.