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  1. After the 0.5.1 XB1 patch my save disappeared. I started a new game that day (let's call it Day 1). I probably spent at lest 6-hrs playing. Day 2 I log on and my save is missing again. So I start another game and play on and off all day. It has no issues saving and loading. Probably 4-hrs played in game. Then I get stuck somewhere in the wall. So I quit my Day 2 save from the menu (while in a Medium Rover). Part way through it crashed and returned me to the XB1 home screen. I relaunch the game and load my save (didn't read timestamp). When it loads I'm not where I left off. It's my Day 1 Save?! Not sure why/how happening, but it's. I reproduced it one by creating a new game, then exiting to main menu. Then deleting new save and launching another. After doing it a few times it crashed. When I started it back up, it recovered an old save I thought was missing. All these saves have been slot 1.
  2. StealthShark

    HELP - Game save issue

    Try switching to another profile on your Xbox, the exit and relaunch the game. I was having a similar issue. It seems like it's a glitch with saving under user profiles.
  3. In think I found my save. I logged in to the other profile on my Xbox based on what others were experiencing, and there it was, my DAY 1 save again. Don't know how it got associated with my other profile. Likely a glitch. My Xbox uses auto-login for my primary profile. I know as a fact it was stated under my profile too. Yet somehow it got associated with the other one. Probably because they walked by and it logged in during my part session? I don't know. While I was playing my DAY 1 save, I logged back onto my primary profile, hoping it would carry it over. Then when I exited to main menu, there were no Saves at all. So I quit and relaunched program under primary profile still. Then it showed my DAY 2 Save. So they are all there, just under different profile. You should see if it's the same for you. They should have it display the logged in profile and allow you to switch at the main screen, just like in other games. Good luck.
  4. I'm trying the full shutdown now. Hopefully that works going forward, but doubt it will bring back my latest lost save. ISSUE UPDATE: I continued on my DAY 1 save (that mysteriously showed up and overwritten DAY 2) throughout the night. I even saved while in the habitat, exited to the main menu and relaunched it to verify my save was there (it was) when I finished for the night. It's DAY 3 now and when I turned on my XB1 and launched the game, I discovered my Slot 1 game save (which should be the continuance of my original DAY 1 save) did not have the most recent timestamp. It was from 6-hrs prior. So I closed the program as relaunched it, hoping it would bring it back. It was still the wrong timestamped one after relaunching, so I loaded it anyway to see what was there. It turned out to be my DAY 2 save, in the exact she spot I was stuck that caused me to first notice this this issue. Maybe if I sign it tomorrow I'll have the save I actually want back. Like done sort of alternating day save slots. Hopefully there is a fix soon.
  5. StealthShark

    Teathers with no collision

    I would like the Teather to have no collision. So that they don't stop your character or vehicle movement. I know it's not very "realistic", yet they always get in my way when running down long tunnels or driving along tethers.
  6. (PC, solo, original gamesave from XB1) After landing on the exotic planet, I placed a Habitat on the ground. Then in an attempt to get it to work, I entered it. As I did, the Habitat jumped and tumbled into the air. Proportionally, it landed about a football field away. I didn't learn till after that I was supposed to click the icon above it to settle it into its location. Yet I'm guessing it's not supposed to behave that way when I enter it on the ground unattached.
  7. StealthShark

    Automatically place resources on modules

    Actually, I just discovered that if I click on the empty spot, and I have the items on my backpack, it will throw them on there. So that works.
  8. If I have the resources on me, I would like them to automatically be placed on open slots when I'm scrolling through modules. Similar to how it does it when I'm printing things on my backpack, where if I have it, it automatically goes to the resource slot that I can build with. It can even hover there, to indicate it's temporary as I'm scrolling through the items. I'm playing on XBox One and it's difficult enough trying to place items on open slots without it flying across my base. This would help a lot.
  9. (Xbox One, 2-player, host system) We were arriving back on a planet. We landed enough for it to allow me to exit, yet it still looked like it was loading textures. When I exited, I fell through the ground and ended up still alive in a cavern far below the shuttle. I just died after I ran out of oxygen. We also had a truck parked fairly close to the landing zone.