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  1. I've seen this as well, but never had to go so far as restarting my PC. I found that killing the 'Astro' process under the 'Steam Client Bootstrapper' parent process will let me run the game.
  2. lordp

    Compass while driving vehicle

    Even if it's something we have to build first.
  3. I've had this before, this might be what is happening?
  4. lordp

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    This hasn't happened often, twice that I can think of, but it seems the trailers lose friction? https://streamable.com/mz4s6 - video of the effect.
  5. Found a backpack from a previous Astroneer and tried to pick it up, but something stopped it from completing. Tried several times, and tried clearing out the ground underneath in case it was getting stuck. After a few seconds the backpack disappeared, and the contents sprang out. https://streamable.com/530gz
  6. lordp

    Rocket Launch loop bug

    I'm wondering if my bug is the same thing - mine doesn't get out of orbit though. https://streamable.com/0du96
  7. I've seen a few of those research modules that need power to open - ie they have the electricity symbol - but don't have the bars.
  8. You can also press F to hold onto something like a research pod.
  9. Attaching the small generator to the base and adding organic matter to it consumes the organic matter even if it's not required - ie all parts of the base have full power. Attached video file shows the effect. small_generator_720.mp4
  10. Not a major (or even minor) bug, just a strange effect with the printer (and maybe other base things). Attached video file will hopefully explain everything. printer_lithium_720.mp4
  11. Played another game and noticed the same problem - remembered that rebooting fixes that and gave it a shot. Astroneer at ~60fps is much nicer
  12. My game starts at 24fps, drops to about 20 after some time. I've tried -nosound, tried reducing the bitrate to 44khz, tried various Engine.ini and Game.ini files and none of it works. i7-4770, 8gb ram, gtx 1070, patch 125 I guess I'll just have to wait for future patches