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  1. After a while it becomes a bit frustrating trying to filter through all the same base logos, as well as two icons close together. It becomes rather difficult to determine which is the correct/desired location you want to land at and more so when they are super close together, it becomes almost impossible to know which site you will land at. Suggest making the icon pop out a bit when highlighted as well as confirm button just in case you click the wrong one, perhaps even merge the icons of two or more landing locations that are close together, into the one, with a brief detail of how many landing sites as well and their icons
  2. dynamite needs to be researched. you dont start off with it, thats what i experienced in my game play.
  3. its space, you got to do what you got to do to survive and progress.
  4. Hugegeek

    An Unknown exploit but a really good one

    pretty sure thats fixed now, but good god that is hilarious. Have you tried to cross to other planets?
  5. Ill try to keep it short and snappy, but there a quite a few bugs ive come across during my last session of play; 1. Spaceship wont dock with platforms created next to it (eg, you cant highlight the connection to connect it like you can with the rover/truck) 2. Drill collects partial bits of ore and sticks them in placement holders breaking that slot and making it unusable or selectable (eg, drilling titanium i also collect a bit of organic and it puts whatever titanium or organic into the slot breaking that placeholder) 3. Returning to base sometimes causes everything that isn't locked into a platform to sink into the ground and you have to go into the tunnels/mines to collect them, this happens to everything (eg, truck, rover, storage, ore, etc) 4. Winch head sometimes gets stuck in place if it doesn't lock into an object and stays there even if you move the winch out of range, so it basically makes a massive orange tether that you can drag across planets. 5. Using the vehicle bay, you can build objects on spaceships and rovers/trucks that normally wouldn't fit, causing the vehicle to be super broken. 6. Unable to drive the rover when you place the seat the storage section. (Not sure by design, was slightly disappointed when i tried it and it didn't work ) 7. Tethers sometimes wont be collected into your backpack when you pick them up, they just disappear. 8. Connecting two vehicles together slows down rover/truck to the point of it being faster to just do the same trip twice(with one vehicle). Also, the back rover/truck always flips and jumps around making it so you have to get out and flip it back way too often. 9. After a couple hours of play, the game starts to slow down immensely, even if you restart the game. obviously this disappears when starting a fresh game, im sure you guys are aware of this one but i thought id mention it just in case. 10. When collecting resources after having a full backpack, if the back end of the vacuum gun thing is under the ground, the item gathered pop out the back of the gun into the ground and fall under the world, forever lost in the deep abyss of the inner planet. 11. Platforms can be extended into other platforms causing overlapping and an unappealing look. 12. Wind turbines don't seem to be affected by box storms. Even though its windy AF, they just sit there like la la la not a care in the world. Some suggestions for future updates if you haven't planned them already; (Not trying to tell you what to do, just a couple ideas i think would be interesting/fun additions to the game) 1. It would be nice to be able to connect two separate platforms together rather than having to use a rover or truck to bridge the connections. (Generally more interactivity and connectivity with platforms and pretty much all segments of the base) 2. Suit/backpack thrusters(researched/crafted) to help slow falling and/or scaling mountains or caves 3. Item/Object that can grab and hold non placeable objects like rocks/satellite solar panels. Perhaps even a craftable platform you can take with you and dig into the ground that you can place said item/object into to in order to secure its position and hold/stabilize the non placeable object. 4. While its nice to know how and where i can extend my platforms, after a while and several platforms later, i have all these platform extensions following me around when i walk around my base yearning to be extended like lost, hungry puppy dogs. 5. Survival mode where oxygen is something you need to farm/produce/manufacture rather than just having infinite supply when you connect to rover/spaceship/habitat. (You of course would start of with a large supply, giving you a bit of a time limit before things became more challenging) Things you could include, co2 scrubbers(lithium hydroxide was used aboard spacecraft, such as in the Apollo program, to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere) That's all i got for now.