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  1. I'm working on vector graphics in school right now, so I decided to do a little side project. I built it all from scratch, and I tried my best to copy the Astroneer font from the title image online. It's pretty simple and I'm just starting, but I was proud so I thought I would share! I thought it would make a really good thumbnail for any videos I make on my YouTube, and I hope to make more like this soon!
  2. But does it not seem a bit strange to build all of your storage through the vehicle bay? I mean, for a new player, one on the last places I would look for storage options would be the vehicle bay. I know your method works now, but why not have the big storage module build-able through the expanded base hologram menu. It would allow you to have a stationary storage system without having to build a truck and then the large storage for that and then storage pads to put onto it. We could just build the storage from the hologram expansion, it's not a big change, I just thought it would help. And it doesn't really change the game too much to be able to store things through the base. So I don't see why it couldn't be done, if you need that much storage you might have the 8 compound to spare to make the expansion anyway. I'm going to try that truck idea though, it looks awesome in that picture!
  3. Let me start by saying your game is amazing, I love it! You're doing a great job, and I'm a fan for life. That being said, I have an idea for an improved storage system. Correct me if it's already in the works or if it can be done already, or if someone else had this idea. My idea was to be able to put two storage pads in the 4 nodes that you can see underneath the hologram when you expand your base. For a while I had too many resources and I was creating base expansions only to put two storage pads on either side of the hologram, and then not building anything where the hologram was. But if we could put two storage pads where the hologram is, we could save a ton of space. Or if you wanted to expand on that idea, you could make a "large storage pad" build-able on the base expansion itself. It could appear as an option in hologram form. This was just a simple quality of life change that I had in mind, I have included a very badly made concept for you, but I made it myself and i'm proud of that. The other picture is of the 4 nodes underneath the hologram, I included it as a before and after sort of thing. Sorry if someone came up with this already, I thought about it today and thought I'd throw it out there. Thank you so much, and keep on making a great game. Keep exploring everyone, and stay safe!
  4. So, on a mining expedition a friend and I found this strange spherical artifact. Thinking it was something we could research, we hauled it back to base only to discover that the research machine didn't want anything to do with it. It can be placed on storage pads and I believe it takes up two nodes on the storage pad. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this, I know the picture kind of looks like I photoshopped it in, I didn't, but I can provide more evidence of its existence if requested. Anyway, if you've seen it or know what it does I'd love to know. Right now we have just been playing soccer with it, but maybe it has a greater purpose. Thank you for your help! Stay safe and keep exploring friends!