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  1. ... Talking about the FPS, my setup is FX-6300, GTX 760 (2 Gb), Windows 10 (Fully Updated), Astroneer from Steam. I was playing for 10 hours until I got 6 FPS. How to fix? Delete your save files and start a new game, play a few hours and get low FPS again, loop this process. Have fun!
  2. I believe they're working on the game basis, environment, features and so on. Performance is on their to do list for sure, not priority at this moment though. Just imagine for a second if you'd develop a game... would you care about performance first or the game basis first? When you build things you wanna see them working, and then adjusting and fixing all that need to be. Astroneer is their(System Era) first game even though the developers have had working on other projects... the Astroneer is like a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), and as we know... it's still a Pre-Alpha release. I
  3. Hello Astroneers! I'm not sure if this kind of thing was posted here before but here it is: Please, close this topic if it has already been reported @Edit, - Windows 10 (fully updated) - Steam - Mouse / Keyboard / Xbox One Controller. Thanks!