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  1. Moonminer008

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    Also, the terrain is broken. I started digging and this happens all the time: I cant dig and just a tiny arrow appear, and if I walk on the patches I cant dig, I fall through the planet and is tossed up again an in the air. Besides that, the test planet is pretty-ish, but impossible to travel by any vehicle, its too messy.
  2. Moonminer008

    Update 0.10.5 - November 14, 2018

    After playing around a bit with the test planet; I have to say, if this is the performance the game engine produce per now and in terrain 2.0, it wont work. The game is a bit laggy from start here, much slower than the "old" planets. My computers specs: I play on steam, with Windows 10. CPU is Intel i5-6500, GPU is Radeon RX 480. 32 GB RAM. Logitech G110 keyboard, Logitech trackball instead of mouse.
  3. Hi there. I played around with the new planet a bit, and I really tried to blow it up. (There you see SES, you give us a whole planet to play with and creative mode, and what do we do? We dig to the center or try to blow it up.) I didnt dare place more than 9 racks with explosives becasue the terrain started to glitch on me. And the result was dissapointing although it was fun too. The hole is big- maybe this is the biggest explosion in Astroneer ever- but the hole is just big enough that you cant see over it without walking. But this concludes that it isnt possible to blow up even the smallest planets. I used Extra large platforms, that allowed me to stack 8x10 items. I choosed to stack them with 1 dynamite and 7 hydrazine per medium storage. Times 9 it totals on 721 explosive items- 90 dynamite and 630 hydrazine…+1 dynamite to set it off. It took me over 2 hours with the cheating module, so this will never happen in survival. The pc will die on you before getting even close to placing enough explosives. Im surprised that the pc had no lag at all _showing_ the explosion, it was BANG and that was it. In minecraft it gets super laggy when you try to blow up huge stacks of TNT or nukes. CONCLUSION: CAN WE EVER BLOW UP A PLANET IN ASTRONEER? WITH TODAYS TOOLS: SADLY NO.
  4. Moonminer008

    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    This update is so far the least laggy one. Many hours spent and bases built on both Terran, RAdiated and Arid and still no lag problems. But, it glitches more and more out when I reload a saved game. For example the buggy teleports away to a location it was parked last save, and ores spawn in the ground or in the middle of the air, and countless cave-monsters with the tangled red light spawn in rows in the roof or mid air. Typically one more monster per reload. And the game crashes when I save and exit to main menu, or doesnt save the last 10 minutes played when I save and exit to desktop. A dislike: its very tedious now to actually print the different objects, we have to explore several planets before being able to make anything. The most ridiculous one is the power cells. We have to travel to a different planet to find zinc ore, (or build scrappers and trade platform) and it takes more energy to melt one zinc ore than a power cell gives, and it must be printed from zinc, a valuable metal. And when we have the bases to expand to other planets, its a vaste to print power cells. Why did it got changed from compound? But so far I love this update ITS SO COOL in general!
  5. Moonminer008

    Exploits don't harm Astroneer

    Lol, at my first try I copyed so much aluminium and copper that my savegame got destroyed by lag. I had fun while it lasted. This exploit is the first who can directly destroy a multiplayer game, griefers can crash the map in 2 minutes by mass duping aluminium and copper.
  6. Moonminer008

    Screenshots Megathread

    I got what I deserved... the savegame broke due to lag. 200 aluminium is on the ground outside the cave, showeled away by the Storm of Justice.
  7. Moonminer008

    Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    Aaaw to late to edit. 8 canisters of soil per litium or titanium. I messed it up when I tinked about atteries that take 2 litium. To the mod who reads this, please change the 16 to 8, and delete this post
  8. Moonminer008

    Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    I am quite happy with the mineral extractor as it is. It takes 16 canisters of soil to make 1 litium or titanium, it gets boring to rely just on that. The current setup fits my playing style(s) really good. First in a game its naturally to use the resources that is near my base, and going cave exploring is fun. And I also like to set up large soil mines in the nearest mountain. In my current game, I printed 1 battery from "legit" wreckage litium and 3 more from ME copies. Then i traveled to Arid to set up a main base there and build a mining crane truck to big time excavate the resources. I hadnt enough aluminium and couldnt find it with hours of exploring, so I decided to go back to Terran and print some. That process takes time too. Usually I need so much materials for my base designs and garages that it gets a balance between searching for legit resources and mine, I just switch between one to the other when I get tired of one of the tasks. Perfect, SES team Of course (as mentioned before, I dont remember where) the machines can be splitted up in more parts that needs to be found first. That will be fun too. But it dont destroys the game at all as I see it It can be changed to need both researching more steps, finding wreckage parts, and legit raw materials to construct a mineral extractor to delay its introduction a bit more. But for me it just adds to the fun.
  9. Hello SES devs, I miss a feature to build even better designed bases. It is an extension that split in 2 cords, and a box where you plug in the power cord in the junction box that have 4 sockets on the 3 other sides, a total of 12 sockets out. I mixed some illustrations in paint and this is how good it gets in a few minutes and with low art skills, but I think you understand the concept.
  10. Moonminer008

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Im doing a lazy review and say that I cant come up with anything the youtubers Z1 Gaming or Biffa Play Indie Games have not feedbacked on yet. But Im impressed by the work so far. Unusual controls but the game is so streamlined. I love that you can print a large storage onto a platform. While I type- the sound at the new main-habitat is a bit painful if I already are getting a headache. Its an low but intense and annoying hum hum hum-sound. Please turn the volume on that sound down? Or provide a specific setting for it in the sound menu so we can adjust it ourselves.
  11. Moonminer008

    Base creation misplaced

    Okay. I started a new save, and my base got created with trees inside. The trees should maybe be auto-removed? This glitch dont have other consequenses than that its just a cosmetic glitch. But I posted it anyways
  12. Moonminer008

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    I really like this update. It is so functional! But at the same time I'm a lttle sad about that all feeling of realism is gone. It is more like cartoon network now.
  13. Moonminer008

    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    I doubt the devs pay much attention to the forum. But bytes already have been renamed by players to bytecoin, or bitcoin, or bytcoin. The devs wont read this either but that is what we can continue to call it in our heads or, by modding the game.
  14. Moonminer008

    Surface Scanner or Reconnaissance Probes?

    Its the most common game consepts of all ? still addicting each time.
  15. Biffa Plays Indie Games often plays Astroneer, and he has 176k subscribers. I remember that he commentet in twitch chat. So if a message goes through its definitively from him. It looks like he usually agree with the ideas/problems described at the forum. Thats really good news and a reason to not worrying about the forum being skipped and feedback not going through. (But its dissapointing to never hear any details of course, even if it isnt important)