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  1. I feel that Astroneer is a wonderful way to chart completely unexplored terrains and worlds. Not only because of it's settings but because of the atmosphere and stylistic qualities of the game. For instance, aside from the remotely human form of the Astroneer and the need for Oxygen to survive, there is nothing else indicating that they are fully human, or at least as we are. You could play around with materials giving your Astroneer physical properties (Higher run speed, lower/no reliance on oxygen) or distinct personalized characteristics. Astroneer's terrain offers a tremendous amount of po
  2. I don't necessarily think animals, but certainly bacterial types could be used as interesting foreign material sources which we could research and create items unique to Astroneer. This could be vehicles or building materials with various physical properties, just to start. I like the idea of having flying or crawling creatures which don't harm you but act more as background details.
  3. I really like the idea of a device you create using rare materials which can locate or at least show the nearest source of a particular material such as resin or compound. A lot of the time throughout playing the game I find myself tracking the same areas looking for simple things like compound. Especially on the moon planets where these materials seem particularly scarce this would be very beneficial. This could attach as a frontal vehicle attachment which could use an arrow to point in the direction of nearby materials and a menu to select which material you are looking for. Just a suggestio