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  1. I don't see a way to edit the post. Just wanted to point out that killing myself and respawning didn't fix it.
  2. Steam, windows 7 x64, mouse/keyboard, version 3.10182.0 Pretty straightforward. While at the loading screen with the text explaining the pre-alpha state where you click to proceed, pressing escape plays a sound effect and the windows mouse cursor becomes visible (instead of the white dot in-game cursor). Clicking will no longer confirm the loading screen and proceed. Pressing enter will still work.
  3. Steam, windows 7 x64, mouse/keyboard, version 3.10182.0 This happened last night so I'm not 100% certain of the steps, I apologize. While in orbit, I somehow clicked both a landing spot on the planet and the little rocket button to view the solar system within a second of each other. I do not remember which I clicked first. The ship began landing on the planet while the camera simultaneously zoomed out to view the solar system. I noticed the little icon for my shuttle getting closer to the planet and pressed escape to zoom back in. The ship landed as normal but now the blue domes and lines
  4. Version 0.2.10125.0 on Steam on Windows 7 64-bit At least, I assume this is a bug. During storms, small wind vanes are dead still and do not generate power. I'm not sure about the big wind vane, I've only made the small one so far.
  5. Version 0.2.10125.0 on Steam on Windows 7 64-bit. When you return tethers to your backpack, they will only go into the top left slot of the backpack. If your stack of tethers are anywhere else, the returned tether will make a new stack of tethers, and if anything other than tethers is already in the top left slot, the tether you are trying to return to your inventory will be lost.
  6. Version 0.2.10125.0 on Steam on Windows 7 64-bit. Screenshot of problem: This happens all over the world, on the edges of what I assume are chunks. The terrain can be put back together with the terrain tool and works normally from then on. This does not happen on newly generated worlds.