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  1. I agree, Lithium - Titanium - Coal should be removed but only as an option to receive them. You should be able to give them away if you dont need them
  2. John Platakis

    Planet GPS co-ordinates and an altimeter

    I agree that GPS would spoil the survival part of the game BUT what if you could build your own satellite, set it to orbit around a planet and use it as a coordinate receiver or (if that makes it too easy) as a space beacon!
  3. John Platakis

    Storage & Pet Heplers

    I like the idea! Plus a dog on a space helmet would be hilarious!
  4. I believe a nice feature is that you could build a solar plant or wind turbine at some great distance from your base. You could have your base in a cave and build a type of power plant with solar or wind power and transfer the energy back to base with tether-like connectors. You could place a wind turbine on the top of a mountain where it is always windy and connect it to your base directly.